Tunnel Found Inside Sasikala’s House – Black Money & Gold: Fact Check

Picture about Loads of Black Money and Gold Unearthed from Tunnel Found Inside Sasikala's House
Loads of Black Money and Gold Unearthed from Tunnel Found Inside Sasikala's House


Tunnel found under Sasikala’s house in TN. Loads of black money and gold unearthed

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2. Black Money found in Shashikala home which was hidden in the Tunnel

Fact Check:

A group of photographs circulating on WhatsApp and other social media sites show stacks of gold, ornaments and huge amount of cash – which are allegedly unearthed from a tunnel found inside the house of jailed AIADMK leader V.K. Sasikala. It said Sasikala hid the wealth secretly in her house. Although the stories circulated heavily online, they are not true.

Tunnel of Wealth Found Inside Sasikala’s House?

The set of pictures accompanying the story do not actually show any such secret wealth recovery incident in Sasikala’s house. The heaps of money belong to an incident in November 2017, when Income Tax Department of India seized Crores of cash from NSE (National Stock Exchange) broker Sanjay Gupta’s house and other locations, as part of its searches in the NSE servers scandal. Other pictures show a bank robbery in Navi Mumbai, where a group of burglars dug a long tunnel to break into the bank and loot cash and jewellery. The stacks of gold and other ornaments are in fact not related to any such said incident relating to Sasikala.

Income Tax Department Raid

In early November 2017, the Income Tax department has however raided the office of Jaya TV in Chennai and other properties of Sasikala’s family members. It in fact happened after the IT officials received information saying the channel is evading tax.

So, the pictures are unrelated and the claims about a tunnel inside Sasikala’s house with loads of money and gold are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:



Rs 17,000 crore and secret tunnel found under Sasikala’s home in Tamil Nadu? Here is the truth

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Prashanth Damarla