Video Showing 3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death – Facts

Picture of 3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death
3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death


Video: 3 Filipino girls stomp a puppy to death with bare feet.

Picture of 3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death
3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death


This is a disturbing video that went viral through social networking sites lately. The video shows three girls kicking and messing around a small puppy, stomping the tender creature with their bare feet and then crushing it to death ruthlessly. Although the source of the video and the nationality of the girls in the video are unclear, the disturbing video is factual.

Picture of 3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death
3 Girls Stomping a Puppy to Death

This insane and inhuman act of playing with the life of a tender, innocent and defenseless creature, torturing the puppy to death received severe reactions and rage from people, especially the animal lovers. The 20 minutes torture video which seems to have initially surfaced on YouTube has been taken down now. You can view a part of the video from the reference section below. The video appears to have been recorded in a home environment within a residential area, but the exact origin and the identity of the girls is not yet clear.

Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) responded to this animal torture video on their Facebook profile. PAWS states that the video is a part of the “Crush” videos that have been around for some time now – as a moneymaking scheme by some Filipinos.

A criminal case against such crush video makers was in fact filed by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). PAWS state that the present video may be the subject of the case filed by PETA, and may have just resurfaced in the social media networks. PAWS is investigating into the puppy crush video.

It is more disturbing to note that animal crush videos like this are being made in few other parts of world as well, and they are developed as a kind of torture pornography, where the animals are slowly tortured to death for the sexual gratification of fetishists. Kids are even hired to torture those animals.

Back in August 2012, PETA was alerted about these violent fetish videos selling online. They showed not just puppies, but also kittens, rabbits, mice, and other animals being tortured in barbaric ways. The Cruelty Investigations Department of PETA caught two such producers of the videos living in Houston, Texas. The two suspects Brent Justice and Ashley Richards were believed to be involved in an international sales scheme of these animal crush videos. In November 2012, both the criminals were indicted by a federal grand jury for creating and distributing animal crush videos, as a result of which each faced up to 45 years in federal prison and up to $1.75 million in fines. This was in fact the first federal indictment of a crush video case in the United States.

Update: 07 Oct. 2013

Recent investigations of PAWS suggest that the puppy crush video is actually an old footage that was indeed taken in the Philippines and was part of a collection they seized in 2011.

Picture of Couple who produced Several Such Crush Videos
Couple who produced Several Such Crush Videos

The couple who produced several crush videos like this, Dorma and Vicente Ridon, were arrested by the National Bureau of Investigation. They are presently in jail, waiting for the trial and the court is expected to release its judgment in early 2014. The 3 girls, whose identities are unknown, are now under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare.

It is more horrible to learn that the three Filipino girls have done other videos like this in the past, torturing, mutilating and killing animals like rabbits, dogs and monkeys.

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3 girls stomp a puppy to death with bare feet
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