Woman Knocks Off Priest from Stage on Feminist Comment: Fact Check

Image about Woman Knocks Off Priest from Stage on Feminist Comment
Woman Knocks Off Priest from Stage on Feminist Comment


Priest Says Fat Women Won’t Go To Heaven, Woman Knocks Him Off The Stage

Other Versions

In Brazil, a priest was saying “las gordas no van al cielo” meaning “fat women don’t go to heaven.” So a woman threw him of the stage

Fact Check:

A dramatic video is viral online purporting to show a woman knocks off a priest from stage after a feminist comment. Allegedly, the priest in Brazil said fat women don’t go to heaven, so the woman threw him off the stage. The video is real, the reasons given however are not true.

About the Video: Woman Knocks Off Priest from Stage

The video and the claims are doing rounds online since July 2019, saying the woman pushes popular Brazil priest, Rev. Marcelo Rossi from stage during mass in Cachoeira Paulista, Sao Paulo. The short video does indeed show the woman knocking off the priest from stage after he allegedly made a feminist comment on overweight women. Messages doing rounds on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms suggested the woman broke the security and showed her anger on the priest on stage.

The Actual Incident

On 14th July 2019, the popular preacher in Brazil was speaking during the closing ceremony of a youth retreat with approximately 50,000 attendees. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the woman came on stage and knocked the priest off the stage. However, medical staff at the event took care of the priest and he presided over the celebration later on.

Image about Woman Knocks Off Priest from Stage on Feminist Comment

The 32 years old woman was in fact suffering with mental health problems and undergoing psychiatric treatment. Note the way she comes running onto the stage laughing. The woman came to the retreat along with her three-year-old child, with a tour group from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Police detained the woman after incident, and she said it was something between her and the priest. However, they released her later as the priest Rossi did not want to raise any charges against her.

Did the Priest Make Controversial Remarks?

Soon after the incident, some Twitter and Facebook users started claiming – a news outlet reported the priest said “fat women don’t go to heaven“. Consequently, a number of online outlets in Spanish, English and other languages published the same story. However, no credible media outlet mentioned any such backdrop of the incident. The short clip cut from the original video doesn’t appear to show the priest saying the controversial remarks. There’s a longer video showing the priest speaking on stage before the woman comes and knocks him off the stage.

According to Excelsior website excelsior.com.mx, before the incident, the speech of the priest loosely translates to below saying.

These hands no longer belong to me. Sinners, weak, but these hands belong to Jesus, since the priest acts in the person of Christ, to serve, to bless (…)”.

So, the claims saying a woman knocks off a priest from stage after he said fat women don’t go to heaven are just hoaxes. He did not make such controversial feminist statement during the youth retreat in Brazil.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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