Beware of Thousands of Facebook Likes on Sale

Picture Suggesting Beware of Thousands of Facebook Likes on Sale
Beware of Thousands of Facebook Likes on Sale


Facebook Likes Deals. Get Thousands of Facebook Likes on Photos/Status/Video/Pages.

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There have been many of these offers lately that claim to offer personal and business Facebook pages thousands of Likes (friends/fans) that are supposed to boost their audience and business as a result. Some of these offers also claim to increase your YouTube likes & subscribers, followers of Instagram, Twitter and many other services for boosting your social networking presence. Today, we are going to help you understand how these ‘Auto Liker’ programs work and how much they can really help you.

What Are They

Facebook has been the most popular social networking platform, where ‘Liking’ is great for marketing and spreading your content/business. For this purpose, many businesses show interest in buying Facebook likes to make their products or brands appear more popular. The “Auto Like” schemes (sometimes also called “Power like”) use various techniques to persuade Facebook users to click that thumbs-up button.

The Downside of Auto Likes

While very few Facebook like programs follow genuine ways to get you some likes, many others use tricky and black hat ways to generate thousands of Facebook likes. When you join such Facebook like schemes and allow their apps, they get all access to your account. They can post, like or comment from your account anywhere anytime, even if you are not using your Facebook account for long time. They may post irrelevant content as you and fetch you thousands or even millions of Facebook likes, no matter who they are. As millions of people seek such Facebook like offers, all those accounts can be used to like your content. In the same way, your account may be used to like another country’s (or even language) content. Moreover, these marketing apps may also post advertisements on every friend’s timeline and even message them frequently, which will put your reputation at stake. All such fake likes generated through irrelevant content/accounts can fetch you number of likes, but they do not help much in the long run.

The people liking your page/content this way may not show interest later. Your friends can report your content for spam or even block you when they get irritated by irrelevant/unwanted posts. When your content is marked as spam, it will be disregarded by Google and other search engines. For creating spam, your account can be compromised or even blocked by Facebook.

Scams Too

To deliver the thousands of likes on Facebook, these schemes not only use deceptive practices, but are also scams sometimes. To get their ‘liking’ job done easily, the scammers often create fake Facebook accounts, or even hack into real accounts and send out spam.

Facebook’s Take

This business of selling Facebook likes has become so popular that in October 2014, Facebook sued the fake ‘like’ scammers for £1.3bn. Condemning the scam artists who sold fake likes to businesses, Facebook mentioned that garnering millions of likes this way did “more harm than good”, and even went on to say that companies following this way could end up doing less business on the social network.

So clearly, buying thousands of fake likes (or Auto Likes) for your Facebook page or business will be less valuable; those people will not necessarily have a genuine interest in your content. If you need more Facebook likes to improve your business objectives, Facebook offers tools to generate authentic likes from real people who are actually interested in a page. You can use the “Build Audience” feature on your page to invite friends to like it, or even pay to promote your page using a targeting criteria that you can specify.

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