Beware of Tripping Jump Challenge, a Dangerous Prank

Image of Beware of Tripping Jump Challenge, a Dangerous Prank
Beware of Tripping Jump Challenge, a Dangerous Prank

Warning: Disturbing Content. Viewer discretion advised.


Beware of this Tripping Jump Challenge, a Dangerous Prank

Please share with your kids & all the parents you know…this is now trending in schools, 2 school kids already died.

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Crazy Trend on Social Media, Can Have Fatal Results

Facts Analysis:

Various videos doing rounds online show some disturbing incidents of Tripping Jump Challenge, a Dangerous Prank viral on social media and video sharing platforms. Like the stories warn, the dangerous trend of fun and bullying not only injured many students, it also leads to death.

About the Tripping Jump Challenge

The Tripping Jump Challenge involves tricking an unsuspecting person into jumping up high in the air. Two other people standing on either side kick the person’s legs out from down underneath resulting in unexpected fall on back. Apart from making fun of an innocent victim, the tripping jump challenge can result in very serious consequences when the person falls with his head banging on hard concrete floor. The dangerous prank videos are viral worldwide via social media apps like TikTok. Young people and students resort to recording the ‘challenge’ and share the video on TikTok for the sake of likes!

Cases of Serious Consequences and Death

A young girl at a South Florida school was injured in one such act of bullying. A fifth-grader girl in Columbus, Ohio ended up with a large, circular swelling on the back of her head. A mother in Arizona shared pictures of her child in a hospital room with scrapes and bruises on his face.

A 12-year-old boy at the Ozark Boys and Girls Club fell to the gym floor and broke both bones in his right wrist. Moreover, in November 2019, a 16-year-old girl hit her head on the ground at Antônio Fagundes Municipal School, in Mossoró, Brazil. She suffered head trauma and died at a nearby hospital. Consequently, the viral challenge came to be known as the Skull Breaker Challenge.

Warning from Parents, Schools & Experts

What you see in the viral video(s) is indeed a very serious prank that feels like an assault. Consequently, experts warned the game is dangerous and can have terrible outcomes, including knocked down unconscious, spinal injuries, fractures, permanent brain damage and even death. An attorney representing the family of the girl at South Florida School explained incidents like this are happening across the country, causing multiple injuries and even death. They are trying to target the Miami-Dade County Public Schools for a possible lawsuit. On the other hand, the school released a statement explaining the dangers of the Tripping Jump Challenge.

As part of a recent disturbing national trend, students are participating in social media pranks to gain likes and followers, potentially at the expense of others. The behavior in this video demonstrates a lack of good judgment on the part of those involved and will not be tolerated by our district. Parents are urged to speak with their children about the responsible use of social media, and to remind them that respect and empathy for others is far more important than any online trend.

Caution on Social Media Challenges

The funny short video making platform TikTok turned fatal in some cases in India earlier also. Some users went extremes to make viral videos in order to get fame and unfortunately ended up losing their lives.

So, we advise children not to practice or participate in such dangerous games and challenges. Parents can also warn their kids about the tripping jump challenge and its deadly outcomes. In addition, they can monitor their children’s social media usage and discuss what they see.

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Prashanth Damarla