After Blue Whale, Beware of WhatsApp Momo Challenge

Image: After Blue Whale, Beware of WhatsApp Momo Challenge
After Blue Whale, Beware of WhatsApp Momo Challenge


Beware of WhatsApp Momo Challenge.
It is a New type of Blue Whale Suicide Dare Game that has Spooked the Internet.

Facts Analysis:

Frequent online browsers should have already heard about Momo Challenge, some wondering what it is and how it works. It is a new type of Blue Whale Suicide Dare Game that has spooked the internet space. Momo challenge is a viral dare game on social media, which started reaching people through WhatsApp messages as well. So, we present here some vital information about the threats of Momo challenge and how to safeguard yourself from its dangers.

WhatsApp Momo Challenge

After going viral on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, Momo challenge reached WhatsApp as well. Users receive a message/link on WhatsApp from an unknown number. Once you add the contact you can see on their account a creepy profile picture of Momo (more on this later). Out of curiosity or something else, when you start interacting with the contact, they start targeting vulnerable teenagers and threaten them. They are convinced to perform bizarre life-threatening tasks, following the infamous footsteps of other horror-based games like Blue Whale.

Blue Whale ‘Suicide Dare’ Game Inflicting Deaths in Many Teenagers on Social Media: Facts

Gullible targets like children and teenagers are encouraged to add a contact on WhatsApp. Once the contact is added, the user starts to receive a range of Momo challenges and activities, which may ultimately lead to suicide. In case of denial in doing the assigned tasks, they scare and curse the user in various ways. Reports mention many such Momo challenge incidents from multiple numbers from various places around the world. WhatsApp Momo Challenge is also linked to couple of Children’ deaths in South America and Argentina. Certainly, the spooky reports about Momo challenge created panic among children and their parents.

Momo Challenge Creepy Image

The creepy character bearing the name of ‘Momo’ actually shows a woman with distorted features, along with animal parts. Firstly, Momo is in no way related to the South Asian dumpling dish (food). Like it might appear, it is not even a real person. As a matter of fact, the creepy image shows the Artwork doll called ‘Mother Bird’ coming from a Japanese special effects company.

Creepy Momo Challenge Image, actually Art-doll
Creepy Momo Challenge Image, actually Art-doll

Safeguard Measures

Coming to the measures to safeguard yourself from the possible dangers of Momo challenge on WhatsApp or anywhere else:

  • Avoid adding the creepy figure on any social media platform. Even authorities issued warnings saying same.
  • Do not add unknown contacts challenging, daring or scaring you, and avoid getting into unsettling interactions.
  • If you are a child, block any related message on social media that asks you to harm yourself. In case of disturbance, talk to your parents, friends or anyone you are comfortable.
  • Parents can monitor their children’s usage of social media accounts and take care of any abrupt changes in behavior.
  • Police officials also warn netizens of fraudsters using the name ‘Momo’ for organizing frauds through social media, WhatsApp and other online platforms.


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