Situation in China After CoronaVirus Pandemic, Video

Image of Situation in China After CoronaVirus Pandemic, Video
Situation in China After CoronaVirus Pandemic, Video


Video of Current Situation in China After CoronaVirus Pandemic

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Facts Analysis:

An unfortunate video is doing rounds on social media showing the sad state of situation in China after CoronaVirus Pandemic. The video comprises of a set of scenes showing health workers disinfecting streets, checking people on roads, feeding patients and some scarred faces of themselves. So, let us find out more about the real situation of China after the deadly outbreak of the novel strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19.

About the Video Showing Current Situation in China After CoronaVirus Pandemic

The video doing rounds on Facebook, WhatsApp and other online platforms shows some sad state of affairs from Wuhan and other places of China. It shows large-scale disinfection operation in Wuhan and several other places of China to fight Coronavirus. Health workers in full safety suits spray heavy chemical powder and gas using many spraying machines, including trucks, drones and others.

Moreover, emergency measures included checks on the roads, airports and other public places. Further, the video shows hospital staff in full safety suits feeding Coronavirus patients undergoing treatment on hospital bed.

The video also shows some people with visible scratches on their faces, still carrying a smile. They are in fact hospital medical staff in Wuhan and other places. The red, swollen and deformed faces are because of frequent use of goggles and masks for a long time working during Coronavirus epidemic. Likewise, some of the medical staff shared the pictures on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo.

Consequently, viewers appreciated and cheered up the hard work of medical staff working on the frontline epidemic. In addition, some netizens sympathized with them saying they really want to apply some ointment on their faces.

CoronaVirus Pandemic

On the other hand, the number of Coronavirus cases reportedly crossed 60,000. As a result, on 15th February 2020, Director-General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus cautioned against panic over COVID-19. He also urged all governments to step up their efforts to prepare for the virus.

The global research community has come together and accelerated the work on the diagnostics, treatments and vaccines for the new strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19.

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