Details of Coronavirus Affected Patient in Hyderabad

Image of Details of Coronavirus Affected Patient in Hyderabad
Details of Coronavirus Affected Patient in Hyderabad


Details of Patient affected with Coronavirus Hyderabad:

Currently, quarantine at Gandhi Hospital, Secbad. Condition Stable.
Software Engineer aged 24, Landed from Dubai on February 19 at Bangalore Airport.
IN Dubai, he worked alongside Hong Kong Citizens.
Works for an IT firm in Bangalore, He reported to his IT firm and worked for two days in Bangalore after landing for Dubai.
Reached Hyderabad on 22 via bus (all 24 passengers under quarantine).
Was treated as an outpatient at Apollo Hospital, Secbad.
Residents of Mahendra Hills, Secbad put on alert.

Total of 80 residents to be tracked, who worked closely with the software engineer.

Facts Analysis:

A deadly new strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19 broke out from Wuhan City of China and spread to some countries around the world. World Health Organization declared it as a global epidemic. After recovery of three confirmed cases of Cornavirus in Kerala, one case appeared in Telangana’s Capital City, Hyderabad among others in India.

Details of the Coronavirus Affected Patient in Hyderabad

A 24-years-old Software Engineer tested positive for Coronavirus COVID-19 on 2nd March 2020. He in fact works at a Tech Park in the outskirts of Bengaluru, staying in a PG accommodation. On 15th February, he travelled to Dubai on an assignment and returned to Bengaluru on 20th February. After attending office for two days, he came to Hyderabad in a bus. The IT professional suffered from cold and fever and took treatment at Apollo Hospitals as an outpatient for over a week. Since he did not recover, doctors referred him to the government-run Gandhi Hospital out of suspicion for virus. Expert doctors at the Gandhi Hospital admitted him, giving treatment in isolation.

The 24-year-old Coronavirus patient resides in Ravi Colony of Mahendra Hills. After hearing the news, the streets in fact turned silent without any people. Health Department officials commenced sanitization operation in the area. On the other hand, officials found around 88 people came in contact with the person. On 3rd March, Telangana government officials said at least 36 of them are showing “some symptoms” of COVID-19. People who showed symptoms were taken to Gandhi Hospital and the remaining are kept in isolation at their homes. Significantly, Health officials said the people showing symptoms does not confirm they are infected with the deadly virus.

Telangana on High-Alert

Soon after the first confirmed case of Coronavirus in Hyderabad, Telangana is on high alert. The alert also comes after other confirmed cases in India. One is a person from national Capital New Delhi with a history of travel to Italy. Similarly, the other is an Italian tourist who ended up at SMS Hospital in Jaipur. The Ministry of Health said the patients in Delhi and Hyderabad are stable and under close observation. Earlier, Kerala reported three confirmed cases of Coronavirus. To clarify, one of our fact check articles explains all three recovered well after treatment in isolation.

In Hyderabad case, Telangana Health Minister said the situation is under control. He also said the State Government has prepared certain hospitals and special wards to handle the COVID-19 cases if detected, adding there’s no reason to panic. However, residents in affected areas may consider safety measures.

The Gandhi Hospital in Secunderabad is equipped with a preliminary Test Lab for Coronavirus infection. Suspicious cases are then sent to National Virology Lab in Pune for confirmation. Indian Government is also taking preventive measures to contain the spread of virus. Likewise, officials expanded the universal screening of passengers on flights from effected countries. Henceforth on 4th March 2020, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan confirmed 28 Coronavirus, COVID-19 cases in India. Apart from 3 earlier cases in Kerala, one was from Delhi, six his relatives in Agra, 16 Italians and their Indian driver in Rajasthan, the one in Telangana.


Telangana on high alert after Bengaluru techie tests positive for coronavirus
36 of Hyderabad techie’s contacts show symptoms of coronavirus
36 of the 88 people in contact with Hyderabad techie show symptoms of virus
Streets of Mahendra Hills bear deserted look

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