Fake Cumin Seeds Made from Broom Bits & Stone Powder

Image about Fake Cumin Seeds Made from Broom Bits & Stone Powder
Fake Cumin Seeds Made from Broom Bits & Stone Powder


A Gang from UP managed to sell Fake Cumin Seeds made from Broom bits and Stone Powder.

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Police seized more than 20,000 Kg Fake Cumin made from Stone Powder, Broom Bits in UP.


झाड़ू वाली घास से बनाते थे नकली जीरा, हजारों किलो माल के साथ भंडाफोड़


In a shocking incident, Police seized more than 20,000 Kg Fake Cumin Seeds in Uttar Pradesh. A gang of people managed to manufacture and sell the cumin (Jeera) seeds using Stone Powder, Broom Bits and others. You will find more information on the shocking food adulteration in this article.

Massive Quantity of Fake Cumin Seeds

A gang of five men from Shahjahanpur, UP manufactured the fake jeera seeds using Coconut broom bits, stone powder, molasses and grass. They set up a factory in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli in a single-storey building covered with metal sheets. They used to mix the fake cumin seeds with small portions of real cumin in 80 to 20 ratio. The fake jeera seeds had suspicious color and smell, but the scammers convinced shopkeepers it is a traditional condiment from Rajasthan made in a unique manner. The gang reportedly distributed the fake jeera seeds at wholesale markets across Gujarat, Rajasthan and Delhi.

Police recovered more than 20,000 kg of fake cumin from the factory and the warehouse in UP. The five men Harinandan, Kamran, Ganga Prasad, Harish and Pawan were arrested on 19th November 2019. Officials said the gang members used to earn 50-60 times more profits by selling the cumin seeds. They also said the seized stock could have been sold for around Rs 60 lakh in the market. Notably, Delhi Police busted a similar racket in earlier month. The racket manufacturing fake cumin (jeera) is believed to have been in operation for more than a year. After arresting, police registered a case against the men for cheating and adulteration of food.


How five men from UP managed to sell broom bits as ‘jeera from Rajasthan’

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