Largest Pair of Shoes in the World, Photograph: Fact Check

Image of Largest Pair of Shoes in the World, Photograph
Largest Pair of Shoes in the World, Photograph


Largest Pair of Shoes in the World

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Biggest Shoes in the World

Fact Check:

A picture message doing rounds online alleges to show a photograph of Largest Pair of Shoes in the World. The old photograph is of low quality and appears unreal and Photoshopped. Nonetheless, it is real and in fact shows biggest shoes in the world from Philippines back in 2002.

About the Old Photograph of Largest Shoes in the World

The photograph in question comes from Marikina Shoe Museum housing the biggest pair of shoes in the world in 2002. Marikina, a riverside area, emerged as a town of shoemakers in the turn of the 20th century and became the biggest shoe manufacturer in the Philippines. In October 2002, Marikina unveiled the giant pair of shoes measuring 5.29 meters long, 2.37 meters wide and 2.03 meters high (17.35ft x 7.7ft x 6.6ft). Ten shoemakers made the Oxford-design shoes with genuine leather in 77 days. Marikina City Mayor, Marides Fernando said the leather used in the project is equivalent to 250 pairs of regular-sized shoes. In December 2002, Guinness Book of World Records recognized the pair of shoes as largest ones in the world.

The 2013 video below from Philippines shows and explains about the shoes along with History of Marikina Shoe Industry. The makers said the large shoes could be used by a 125-foot tall giant man, similar to the height of Statue of Liberty in New York.

Later in 2013, Hong Kong fashion bureau Electric Sekki created World’s Largest Shoe to celebrate the launch of footwear manufacturer Superga. The Guinness world record for the largest shoe measured 6.40 m (20 ft 11.97 in) x 2.39 m (7 ft 10.09 in) and 1.65 m (5 ft 4.96 in).

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with Some Missing Information.

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