Thousands of Chicken Die to Viral Disease in Godavari Districts

Image of Thousands of Chicken Die to Viral Disease in Godavari Districts
Thousands of Chicken Die to Viral Disease in Godavari Districts


Thousands of Chicken Die in the East and West Godavari Districts of Andhra Pradesh Following an Outbreak of the Very Virulent Newcastle Disease. Officials in the areas Prohibited Sale and Consumption of Chicken.

Facts Analysis:

Following an outbreak of the Very Virulent Newcastle Disease (VVND), thousands of Chicken died in the East and West Godavari districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. Consequently, officials in the areas became alert and prohibited the Sale and Consumption of Chicken.

Thousands of Chicken Die in Godavari Districts

Very Virulent Newcastle Disease is a highly contagious viral infection of domestic poultry and other bird species. The disease is in fact named after an England Town where it first appeared. It is one of the most common respiratory diseases of poultry and occurs worldwide. VVND transmits through air and effects respiratory, nervous and digestive systems of birds and poultry.

In twin districts of Godavari, thousands of hens in poultry farms were succumbing to the virus since early February 2020. It caused panic among poultry-farm owners and also the general public. The panic is also due to ongoing global epidemic of Coronavirus and there were some rumors about the virus found in Broiler Chicken in some places of India.

As a result of outbreak of VVND, officials prohibited the sale of chicken in Bhimavaram and Tanuku. Veterinary doctors issued an immediate advisory asking people not to eat chicken for some days. Municipal Assistant Commissioner, Jyothula Lakshmi told Deccan Chronicle that as a precautionary method, traders were advised not to sell chicken and meat. On the other hand, local MLA Karumuri Venkatanageswara Rao announced a ‘no non-veg week’ in Tanuku.

Reported Cases of VVND

In early February 2020, 20,000 broilers died due to the virus in the Vaddiparru village of Ravulapalem mandal in East Godavari district. Due to transportation of broilers, the Very Virulent Newcastle Disease (VVND) spread to about a dozen villages in West Godavari district. VVND killed about 2,500 broilers in Baduguvani Lanka village of Alamuru mandal. Subsequently, Animal Husbandry Department officials closed the poultry farm and instructed the farmer not to open it for three months. Officials also gave directions to poultry farmers to stop all sales in the area.

Assistant Director of Animal Husbandry Department (AHD), Mr. Ramakrishnaiah instructed the poultry farmers should give vaccination to their chicks and broilers on the first day, ninth day, first and second month regularly to prevent the virus from attacking. He also suggested the virus spreads fast and can wash out an entire farm. VVND is common in fowls, but officials said the high mortality is due to dangerous velogenic (highly virulent) strain of VVND.

As of this writing, there is no cure for Very Virulent Newcastle Disease, VVND and it can only be prevented. However, treatment with antibiotics may assist in controlling secondary infections. The Animal Husbandry Department in Godavari belt is on a high alert and is taking up vaccination on large scale. Notably, there are no case reports of human infection in the areas.


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