Be Aware of Red Dot inside a Red Square Symbol Shown on Chocolate Bars – Facts

Picture Suggesting Be Aware of Red Dot inside a Red Square Symbol Shown on Chocolate Bars
Be Aware of Red Dot inside a Red Square Symbol Shown on Chocolate Bars


Be Aware Of Red Dot

This is important information for All

Be Aware Of The Red Dot inside A Red Square Symbol Which Shown On Chocolate Bars Like :

Bounty Chocolate Bar Mars/ Snickers …
it’s Shown Specifically At The Back Beside The Weight Numbers.
That Mark Means That These Products Contains Gelatin Which is Derived From PORK !!
They Put That Mark To Warn People Who Are Vegetarian That The Chocolate Bar Has
Non-Vegetarian Contents/ingredients in it.

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Messages circulating through email, social media, blogs and forums warn vegetarians about a red dot label inside a red square symbol printed on the back side of popular chocolate bars like Mars, Snickers and Bounty. It is said the red dot is an indicator for vegetarians that the product contains animal gelatin derived from Pork. Although the red dot is an indicator for vegans, the claim is not a fact.

The message was originally addressed to Muslim people, raising concerns that whoever eats such chocolate bars with gelatin derived from pork will be breaking the Islamic dietary laws inadvertently. The Vegetarian Mark in question is in fact is a mandatory mark for food products in countries like India and South Africa; in order to be distinguished between vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The chocolate manufacturing brand Mars responded to these messages and clarified that their chocolate products do not contain pork or pork derivatives.

Mars products always comply to the legal and cultural norms of all the markets it does business in. Mars products, including Snickers, Bounty and Mars bars do not contain pork nor pork derivatives. Mars products are exported to a number of markets, of which India is one; the red dot that may appear on some of our packaging is a legal requirement for the Indian Market. It indicates that the product may contain egg, which is not suitable for some vegetarians in India. Still, to further clarify the matter, we are currently completing the process of separating the packaging for the two markets which will minimize future misunderstanding.

Further, in a related clarification letter sent to the National Independent Halaal Trust (NIHT), it is also said that in South Africa, Bounty Bar has a Green Dot, which means that a vegan can eat this product, and Snickers Bar has a Brown Dot that means the product contains animal products like egg and milk products.

So the red dot label inside red square symbol on back side of chocolate bars like Mars, Snickers and Bounty only indicates that the products may contain egg, it does not indicate presence of animal gelatin derived from pork.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax, with some correct information.

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