Siberian Bear Attacked Man, Survives in Den After One Month: Fact Check

Image about Siberian Bear Attacked Man, Survives in Den After One Month
Siberian Bear Attacked Man, Survives in Den After One Month

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A Siberian Bear Attacked this Man and Dragged into its Den. He Survives Miraculously after one Month.

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Fact Check:

A viral video in circulation online alleges to show a Siberian Bear attacked a Man and kept him as future meal inside its den, but he Survives miraculously even after one month. The short video clip shows an unfortunate man lying on hospital bed in pathetic condition, allegedly saying the same to doctors. Although the disturbing video and pictures of the injured man are in heavy circulation, the claims about bear attack are not true.

Image about Siberian Bear Attacked Man, Survives in Den After One Month

About the Claims: Bear Attacked Man Survives

The story in question along with the viral hospital video appeared in some Russian and English online outlets initially. Consequently, some mainstream news outlets also picked up the unusual case, reporting it as bear attack. Citing local sources, initial reports said a Siberian brown bear attacked the man in the Tuva region, broke his spine and dragged him into its den to store him as future meal. Allegedly, after spending more than a month in the animal’s den, hunter dogs found the severely injured man in the forest region of mountainous Tuva. Reports described the man reduced to ‘speaking mummy’ and looked like a zombie. Another version of story from Sochi (City in Russia) suggested finding the man alive in a coffin. Some also said the video showed a swamiji buried alive (jeeva samadhi) 5 or even 300 years ago is still alive because of doing meditative yoga.

On the other hand, Brown bears in fact hide their prey and return to feast on it later. The initial reports said Doctors could not explain how the man survived and mentioned speculations that he suffered severe injuries and rotting tissue because of lying motionless for so long inside the den.

Suspicious Story Not Bear Attack

Once the story about the bear attack and miraculous survival became popular, curious viewers and authorities tried to trace the whereabouts and details of the incident. The initial reports did not mention the complete name of the man, the hospital or location of the bear den. Officials could not trace the person and exact whereabouts of the incident. A spokesman at the Health Ministry in Tuva Republic said no such case of bear attack was registered. They also pointed the severely injured man in the hospital video is not speaking the local Tuvan language. Further, they added the incident might have happened somewhere outside Tuva.

After few days, Dr. Rustam Isaev from Kazakhstan claimed he is treating the 41-year-old patient covered in lacerations at Aktobe Medical Centre. The doctor explained the man in the video suffered from Chronic Psoriasis and other complications. He said no bear or any other wild beast attacked the man. The doctor also said the man’s mother is very upset about the release of the video and information about her son.

So, the claims saying a Siberian bear attacked a man and he survived miraculously one month inside den are hoaxes. The man in the video has a medical condition and is undergoing treatment.

Hoax or Fact:



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