Bone Powder and Bone Oil Used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry: Facts

Picture of Bone Powder and Bone Oil Used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry
Bone Powder and Bone Oil Used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry


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Bone Powder and Bone Oil used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry…
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Cooking oil taken out of dead animal skins.


The shocking video news report in Hindi claims to show that Powder and Oil extracted from Dead Animal Bones are being used in Toothpaste and Hotel industry as cooking oil. Unfortunately, it is a fact!

Picture of Bone Powder and Bone Oil Used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry
Bone Powder and Bone Oil Used in Toothpaste and Hotel Industry

The first video in question, uploaded to YouTube in Jan. 2007 is India TV news report on the shocking, illegal animal bone business. The incident took place in Jalpalli village of Ranga Reddy district in Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana), India, where workers were seen with a special machine to cut animal bones and check if they can produce oil or not. The sorted out bones were then boiled in large containers for a long time to extract oil, and then the remaining matter is dried to make bone powder. While the bone powder (and paste) is sent to some toothpaste manufacturing companies, the animal bone oil is sent for use in hotels, as substitute for dalda, ghee and oil. We believe this bone oil is also chemically treated to give it the appearance of genuine cooking oil.

As seen in the video, the sarpanch of the Jalpalli village says bone remains of animals like cow, buffalo, dogs and donkeys are collected and used by the people involved in this business. No wonder, like mentioned by Sudarshan, the senior scientist in NIN (National Institute of Nutrition, India), the oil produced by this process is not eligible for human consumption. It can be used for soaps and shampoos, but is not edible for use in cooking. Another byproduct of the process, Gelatin can be used in Shampoos and Ice Creams, but according to experts, it has to be processed in right ways.

Similar Cases

In a TV 9 operation, many similar cases were reported in the outskirts of Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy districts of Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana), including Koduru. As you can see in the video above (in Telugu language) uploaded to YouTube by TV9 in Jan. 2014, the oil made from dead animal bones and also skins is reportedly sold to local stores, small shops in suburbs and also exported to other states.

The oil from animal bones has been used for cooking because it has a similar taste, but health wise, it is dangerous – it contains severe cholesterol and saturated fats linked to cancers. The people in neighborhood of these factories are even falling sick because of the unbearable foul smell from burning bones. After these cases were brought to the notice of authorities, the GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation) Commissioner said they will conduct raids on these illegal and unhealthy factories and take severe actions against them.

As mentioned in the description of first video, and the statements from a worker in the second video, there have been reports that most of these businesses are carried on by Muslim people. Coincidentally, there were very similar reports in Pakistan as well.

In Pakistan

In 4th August 2012 episode of Sar-e-Aam program on ARY News TV in Pakistan, it was disclosed how cooking oil & vanaspati ghee is being made from animal bones at a factory in Lahore. As you can see in the video above (in Hindi), this is a more serious issue there; as inspections say, most of the cooking oils do not comply with the human health consumption standards by 80 per cent. Following the deadly discovery, the factory making oil from animal bones in Lahore was sealed by officials.

People get into this business because producing the oil at cheap rate is profitable, but apart from being illegal, it is deadly for human consumption. We hope the concerned authorities keep a close check on these businesses and close all the factories trying to extract oil from animal bones and skins for the sake of human consumption.

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