Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested: Fact Check

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Picture: Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested
Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested


A simple Cancer cure found in Canada, but The International Drug & Medical Industry has no interest in it as it is cheaper than a chocolate bar.

Picture: Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested
Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested

Other Versions

Canadian researchers have found a simple cure for cancer. Major pharmaceutical companies are not interested. Researchers at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada, have found a drug that cures cancer last week, yet there is a little ripple in the news or on TV.

Picture: Evangelos Michelakis about Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested
Evangelos Michelakis about Simple Cancer Cure found in Canada, Big Pharma Not Interested

Fact Check:

A video footage of CTV news, Canada claims that Canadian researchers have finally found a simple cure for Cancer, but the Big Pharmaceutical companies have no interest in it – as it is not profitable to them. The messages do not disclose complete facts.

Cancer Cure Found in Canada?

Dr. Evangelos D. Michelakis, an Associate professor of Medicine, at the University of Alberta in Canada published his study in a Science journal. The Professor claims a drug called Dichloroacetic acid (CHCl2COOH), DCA as a ‘potential cure’ for treating cancer in humans. It is said that for decades the DCA was effective in the treatment of rare metabolic and genetically inherited diseases in humans. Dr. Evangelos administered DCA to rats implanted with the human lung tumor. The tumors shrunk by 70% within 3 weeks and the healthy cells in the rats remained unaffected. Tumors of the brain, breast, and lung in the rats also shrunk, and no significant side-effects were noted.

Mechanism of DCA

Dr. Evangelos believes DCA works by reviving the energy-producing components of human cells, i.e. the mitochondria. It helps in the normal functioning of the cells and when switched on, it causes the cancer cells to die. After DCA’s positive results in animals, the Scientists at the University of Alberta got encouraged to test it on human cancer patients.

Big Pharma Companies discourage Funding

DCA does not have any patents. It is available in the market at a very low price, resulting in little profits. Hence the pharmaceutical companies are discouraged to fund for the research of this drug. Dr. Evangelos explains the same in his interview with a news channel. His interview is shown below.

With the help of the University of Alberta, the Canadian Scientist could secure grants and donations from the public to continue his study. In September 2007, the research team of Dr. Michelakis received an approval for a human cancer trial involving 50 patients.

DCA Clinical Trials

To determine a safe dose of DCA to be used in the human trials, Dr. Michelakis’s research team administered it to 5 patients suffering from Glioblastoma (advanced brain cancer). DCA was administered with a drug temozolomide followed by surgery and radiotherapy. After 18 months of study, 4 out of 5 cancer patients were alive, and 3 of them have shown a reduction in their tumors.

The researchers further tested DCA in 49 Glioblastoma samples of patients in the lab. The DCA treatment helped in eliminating cancer at the cellular level. However, the scientists could not determine how this happened.

These lab tests and limited case studies were insufficient in determining the efficiency of DCA to treat Glioblastoma or the other type of cancer. However, Akbar Khan, a family practitioner in Toronto Medicor Cancer Centre has prescribed off-label DCA to his patients. He has observed positive results in 60-70% cases.

Delayed Research on DCA

Scientists and researchers believe that the lack of proper funding led to delay in studying DCA’s effect on cancer. They believe the inability to patent DCA, has discouraged the pharmaceutical companies to fund the research. Dr. Evangelos Michelakis was quoted saying:

“Big Pharma has no interest whatsoever in investing [in DCA research] because there will be no profit.”

Dr. Michelakis team is currently working on phase three clinical trials privately funded by individuals and philanthropic groups.


DCA has not been tested on humans in the USA, and its research is not yet finalized in Canada. Public funds have helped the research team at the University of Alberta to complete their phase two clinical studies. Hopefully, Dr. Michelakis’s clinical trials of DCA will be successful and we get to hear a positive news.

 A clinical trial of DCA for a childhood disease resulted in significant side effects, affecting the nervous system.

Since DCA is still under test in the lab, cancer patients are not advised to take it. On the other hand, researchers have also found that DCA can cause cancer in animals. It is also an environmental pollutant.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Hoax.


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