China People Spreading Coronavirus – CCTV Footage: Fact Check

Image about China People Spreading Coronavirus - CCTV Footage
China People Spreading Coronavirus - CCTV Footage


People in China have been Caught on Surveillance Footage Spreading the Deadly Coronavirus

A video compilation of people in #China caught on surveillance spreading the #Coronavirus Which has infected more than 50,000 people and killed over 1,000.

Other Versions

1. A Chinese family spitting on tissues and smearing their saliva in the elevator to spread Coronavirus

2. People in China seen spreading the Coronavirus to the Public

Fact Check:

A ‘shocking’ video is doing rounds online purporting to show some people in China Spreading the Deadly Coronavirus. It shows CCTV clippings of some people spitting on Tissue Paper and/or smearing their Saliva throughout Elevator buttons. So, let us examine the authenticity of the videos and the associated claims.

China People Spreading Coronavirus?

The first part of the footage in fact shows a man coughing onto tissue and wiping it on the elevator button repeatedly. It is real; the entire CCTV footage inside the elevator shows involvement of the people beside the man also.

MBN News in China also reported the incident mentioning and showing how people are using Tooth picks to touch elevator buttons amidst such scare.

Police investigation into the incident revealed the man in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China did it intentionally inside an elevator of a complex. Police also revealed the man had no symptoms of coughing or fever and had no history of staying outside within 14 days. Consequently, he was subjected to 10 days of administrative detention.

About Two Other Incidents and More Alike

The two other similar incidents caught on CCTV surveillance are also real. The elderly man was in Datong City of Northern China. In this case, the old man and his family reportedly had normal temperatures and he said he was just joking. He admitted his fault after Police inquiry and then apologized. Sanitation workers disinfected the elevator twice and halted it for half a day. Police arrested the other woman named Li from Chongqing City. She said she did it due to a dispute with some people and spat in the elevator to vent her anger, according to Newsflare. Her temperature was also normal.

As a matter of fact, there are other such incidents showing some people looking like trying to spread the Coronavirus even in public places. In a local community of Wuhan, a woman in a “severe epidemic” community appeared to spit on the doorknob secretly at night. However, it is unclear if she was affected with Coronavirus.

Viewers of these videos called the actions of the people disgusting and mentally distorted. Entire world is in fact taking preventive measures to stop the spread of the deadly epidemic. Scientists are also working hard to find a treatment cure for the new strain of Coronavirus, COVID-19. Likewise, some viewers rightly suggested even joking around a deadly virus is not healthy and is going to scare people.

In such incidents, Police are taking immediate action and health authorities are also disinfecting public places frequently. By all means, it is important for people in affected areas to be aware of Precautions to avoid Coronavirus infection and transmission.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


Coronavirus: Sickos spit on elevator buttons amid outbreak in China
Elderly man in China wipes spit all over elevator buttons

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