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Cilantro Flushes Mercury from the Body


Cilantro Flushes Mercury from the Body | High mercury levels stress the heart and other important organs. 1 fistful of Organic Cilantro a day for 10 days straight will flush your body of serious heavy metals that are nearly impossible to avoid in this generation. There is a compound in cilantro that mercury (and other heavy metals) binds to and then gets released through the urine as a natural chelation technique. The body cannot function properly w/ heavy metal accumulation and this is the cheapest way ($1) to solve it and release them from your body! Cilantro is your ally!


Mercury, cadmium, Aluminium, lead and arsenic are the heavy metals that can damage health. They inactivate enzymes in our body, allowing free radical damage which can lead to serious health diseases of heart and cancers. Chelation is the process of elimination of heavy metals from the human body. According to the 13th International Symposium of The Institute for Functional Medicine, Cilantro is one of the foods and phytochemicals that can boost the detoxification process by enhancing the detoxification pathways and may help remove the heavy metals like Mercury.

Studies conducted at Heart Disease Research Foundation of New York in 1995 reported that Cilantro accelerated the excretion of heavy metals like lead, mercury and aluminum from human body through urine.

One of the articles in Journal of Hazardous Materials written in February 2005 experimented the effects of cilantro and methyl mercury deposits in ground water and found out that Cilantro was effective in removing the deposits of the metal. The research lead at the Department of Atomic Energy suggested that it is the carboxylic acid groups in the Cilantro herb which bind the mercury. Although promising, this may not guarantee that Cilantro will be effective in the treatment of mercury poisoning.

But since Cilantro has several other health benefits like maintaining blood cholesterol levels by aiding fat metabolism, stimulating appetite and improving the digestive process, it is advisable to take this miracle herb as a part of our regular diet.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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