Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken, Warning: Fact Check

Image about Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken, Warning
Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken, Warning


Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken
Nonveg consumers, do not use Chicken..

Other Versions

1. వీలైనంత త్వరగా 10 గ్రూపులో పంపండి కరోనా చికెన్లో కరోనా వైరస్ దొరికింది
nonveg పౌరులు అందరూ చికెన్ ఉపయోగించకండి

2. Boiler Chicken me Korona Virus ko paya gaya hai. Tamam logo se appeal ki jati hai ke boiler ke hosht ka istemal na kare.
Muslim community Mumbai. Khar. Duaa ki appeal

3. Corona virus has been found in Boiler Chicken. I request to all of you not to eat Boiler Chicken and please share it everywhere.

Fact Check:

Various messages viral on social media and WhatsApp groups warn consumers saying Coronavirus was Found in Broiler Chicken telling them not use it. The messages also accompany some disturbing, sick images of broiler Chickens appearing to show the same. No, the claims are not true – the images are old and not related to Coronavirus.

About Source of Coronavirus

Coronavirus outbreak from Wuhan City of China has created concerns if the deadly disease is spreading around the world. Few confirmed cases of Coronavirus were reported in India also. Further, there were some rumors saying birds were the vector to spread the deadly disease. The new strain of the virus originated in China and spread via human to human transmission. Early cases of Coronavirus suggested some link to a large seafood and live animal market in Wuhan. However, as of this writing, health officials from China did not confirm the source of the virus.

Coronavirus Found in Broiler Chicken?

Firstly, the accompanying pictures of sick chickens are old and not related to Coronavirus. The first part of image showing a chicken with some lost feathers and blisters on skin appeared in November 2019 claiming broiler chickens can have variety of diseases including cancer. Likewise, they appear to explain broiler chicken are given some chemical injections and hybrid poultry feed to grow them faster for sale. More importantly, they did not mention Coronavirus at the time. The other part of the image showing a diseased Chicken with closed eye in fact shows a case of Aspergillosis. The fungal infectious disease can sometimes cause eye lesions or chronic lesions in older birds.

The messages warning about Coronavirus found in Broiler Chicken are mostly circulating in Telangana state of India. Consequently, Veterinary wing of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation issued a press release refuting the rumors. It also mentioned the methods of cooking Chicken in India, exposing meat to a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius is safe to eat. Another version of story in Hindi comes as a warning from Muslim Community from Khar, Mumbai. Again, it is not a fact.

H5N1 Bird Flu

On 1st February 2020, amid deadly Coronavirus outbreak, Chinese authorities confirmed a highly pathogenic strain of the H5N1 Bird Flu in Hunan province. A farmer in Shuangqing District of Shaoyang City raised the Broiler Chickens infected with Influenza A virus subtype H5N1, also known as A(H5N1) or simply H5N1. As a result of the outbreak, the local government culled almost 18,000 chickens and took precautions to stop the virus spread.

On the other hand, Coronavirus is different from the Avian Influenza (H5N1), which can be treated in humans by available anti-viral medicines. H5N1 is not contagious among humans and spreads to humans rarely.

Coming back to the story in question, the messages warning Coronavirus was found in broiler chicken are therefore hoaxes. World Health Organization says it is safe to consume hygienically-treated poultry and eggs as Coronavirus is sensitive to heat. Normal cooking temperature (70 deg C) will kill the virus, it states.

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