Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs – Facts

Picture about Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs
Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs


Dangerous virus killing dogs in the middle of the country, in states of California, Michigan, and Ohio.

Picture about Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs
Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs


The messages warn dog owners about a deadly new virus killing dogs in California, Michigan, and Ohio. It is a fact with some misinformation. Veterinarians, health officials and dog owners were alarmed by the mysterious deaths of four dogs in Ohio. However, not all infected dogs tested positive for the virus.

Picture about Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs
Dangerous Virus Killing Dogs

In August 2013, three dogs died in the Cincinnati area and a fourth one near Akron after exhibiting symptoms of vomiting, bloody diarrhea, weight loss and lethargy. The three dogs from Cincinnati were staying in the same kennel, and the Akron dog was one of several in the Akron-Canton area that showed the same symptoms. Some experts suspected that the dogs may have died after exposure to a virus called Circovirus that’s normally found in pigs.

About Circovirus

Circoviruses are spherical viruses, grouped within the family Circoviridae, and are commonly found in birds, especially parrots, parakeets and cockatoos. Until 2012, the only mammals known to carry these circoviruses were pigs. Circovirus can destroy a domesticated pig farm in just a week. In 2012, a 1-year-old dog in California was euthanized after it suffered badly from bloody diarrhea and vomiting. The tissue analysis of the dog later showed a new type of circovirus named DogCV.

The problem with circovirus is, there is no easy way to diagnose it, as it takes weeks for all tests, and that it can kill quickly. The bad news is, there is no known cure or vaccine to prevent the virus attack, and it is still not clear how it spreads. However, not all dogs infected with circovirus died, the virus has been seen in dogs that appear healthy, which indicates that some dogs may have immunity to the virus.

About Present Case

The blood and tissue samples of the dead dogs and other suspected victims from Michigan were tested for weeks at the University of California-Davis. Circovirus was not found in all of the samples. The results were not conclusive that circovirus was responsible for the deaths, as the infected dogs also had other health issues. A vet said that circovirus was likely a contributing factor.


Doctors suggest that the dogs that are frequently boarded or spend time in “play situations” with large groups of other dogs can be at greatest risk with this Circovirus. The known symptoms of this virus attack in dogs include severe inflammation of intestinal tract, lethargy, vomiting and diarrhea. So if your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, you should take it to the vet immediately.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.


Mystery Disease Killing Ohio Dogs
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