Dew Bottled Water Causing Deaths In Nigeria – Facts Analysis

Picture about Dew Bottled Water Causing Deaths In Nigeria
Dew Bottled Water Causing Deaths In Nigeria


An unregistered brand of bottled water with the trade name DEW, which is said to have caused the death of 180 people in Nigeria, has found its way onto the local market.

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has therefore advised the public to report any person who offered DEW bottled water for sale.

According to a statement issued by the FDB in Accra and copied to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), the board had not registered any brand of bottled water with the name DEW. The DEW bottled water had been imported from Tanzania into Nigeria and contains a chemical that had caused the death of 180 people.

Dr Stephen K. Opuni,
Chief Executive of the FDB.

Other Versions

1. Email
Subject: Urgent Notice

Dear Colleagues & Friends

Please don’t buy or drink any bottled water called “DEW”. Customs say it was shipped into Nigeria from Tanzania where it has killed 180 people. It is said to contain a poisonous chemical. Please pass this on and save millions.

2. I cannot verify this story but this is an alert. Just got this from a friend that works with the Customs and Excise in Nigeria.There is a bottle water killing people, The name is DEW. Please do not buy/drink. It is contaminated with dangerous chemicals that destroy one’s body system. 180 died in Tanzania. It is in the Nigerian market, pass it on.


The messages claim that there is an unregistered brand of bottled water in Nigeria called DEW that contains poisonous chemical and has caused the death of 180 people. It is also said that the Food and Drugs Board (FDB) of Ghana has advised people to report sellers of DEW bottled water. These are not facts.

These messages have been circulating in various versions, since at least 2011, and spreading through emails and social networking sites, some of which also claim to have been sent by Dr Stephen K. Opuni, the Chief Executive of the FDB. However, the Nigerian National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) has later informed that DEW Bottled Water is in fact produced in Nigeria and has been registered by NAFDAC in 2005. NAFDAC also indicated that there is no information that the registered DEW Bottled Water has caused deaths of any Nigerians. Moreover, from a long time, Nigeria has banned the import of drinking water from other countries, so there is no question of importing DEW Bottled Water from Tanzania. NAFDAC called these messages as false and mischievous, explaining that there was no poisonous dew water circulating in the country.

Investigations by NAFDAC in several hospitals across the nation showed that there was no incident of hospitalisation or death arising from consumption of dew water or any other brand of water.

NAFDAC advised the public to disregard these messages, and also report to the nearest NAFDAC office any suspected case for appropriate action.

Even the Tanzanian Bureau of Standards denied that there is no such brand of bottled water called DEW that is locally produced in Tanzania, and indicated these messages as rumors.

TBS would like to make it clear to the public that this information is sheer hearsay and utter lie, as there is no drinking water branded Dew that is being produced in Tanzania.

Moreover, if there were 180 deaths in Nigeria because of drinking this Dew bottled water, the news could have easily made into mainstream media, which did not happen. Therefore these are hoax messages causing unnecessary fear among public, they should not be shared.

Hoax or Fact:



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