Diabetes Free Cure by Dr. David Pearson: Fact Check


We have also come across another website diabetesfreecure.com that talks about the same program and product, recommending various diet and life style habits to reverse and cure diabetes naturally.

The Insulin-like Growth Factor (IGF)

The Insulin-like growth factors (IGFs) are proteins synthesized in the liver, having high sequence similarity to Insulin. The IGFs have insulin-like actions in some tissues, but they are far less potent than insulin in decreasing blood glucose concentrations. Studies showed administration of IGF-I to patients with extreme insulin resistance results in improvement of glycemic control and IGF-I associated with lowering glucose and enhancing insulin sensitivity in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes (note that IGF works in partnership with insulin here), and significantly, many of the subjects have had side effects, also because of having direct effects on intermediary metabolism (because IGFs have distinct metabolic actions). So there is insufficient evidence that IGFs can be practically helpful in reversing or curing Diabetes in humans.

Dr. David Pearson talks about this Insulin-like growth factors in curing Diabetes, but does not advocate it as an injection or alike. He talks about curing Diabetes in a natural way by letting your body produce its own IGF – in just 14 days.

The Lies

Dr. David Pearson starts his 41+ minute presentation of Diabetes cure saying it would last only 6 minutes. There are not much details of his medical credentials. Like mentioned in the video, we did not find any of his article in medical journal Diabetes Spectrum (spectrum.diabetesjournals.org). Pearson mentions a quote suggesting the alleged secrecy of Big Pharma – “Mrs…there just isn’t enough money to be made in a cure that used an inexpensive, generically available vaccine. Period.” The quote, in actuality, is misquoted by Dr. David Pearson. It was originally mentioned by Denise Faustman, the director of Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital’s immunobiology laboratory.

The group of Harvard University researchers, with an early findings in studies with mice, suggested the long-used Vaccine for TB (tuberculosis) may help reverse Type 1 diabetes and eliminate the life-long need for insulin injections in humans. They were raising money to conduct large, human studies. Importantly, Dr. David Pearson lies saying IGFs are 100 times more powerful than Insulin. He says scientists worldwide have miscalculated its power in terms of improper units.

We have also seen few fake review sites and blogs (with similar format) that do not even describe the actual product and its contents, but appreciate the product as a cure for diabetes. The money back guarantee may not happen when you ask for it from Clickbank (the payment gateway). Also, the photograph shown as Dr. David Pearson in fact appears to be a free stock photo of ‘Doctor of Medicine’ used online with several names.

To Conclude

Considering all the aforementioned flaws and facts, the claims from Dr. David Pearson saying his 37$ product ‘Diabetes Free Cure’ can reverse and even cure Diabetes in humans is scientifically questionable, and a certain hoax. Diabetes is a serious condition with ongoing research. Many advocates and professionals looking into natural means to prevent and cure the deadly disease. On the downside, many scammers take unfair advantage of this fear among people. We caution people to be careful with such outrageous claims. You should check for authentic sources or medical professionals before trying anything new. You can get free information to prevent and control Diabetes from the U.S. National Diabetes Education Program website ndep.nih.gov.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla