Eating Jaggery with Raw Small Onion Cures Dengue – Facts Analysis

Picture about Eating Jaggery with Raw Small Onion Cures Dengue
Eating Jaggery with Raw Small Onion Cures Dengue


Jaggery with Raw Small Onion should be eaten simultaneously, For curing Dengue Fever affected people. Blood platelets starts to decrease for those people and this medicine will helps in increasing the count of blood platelets and increases the immune power thereby it cures Dengue fever. Its an effective medicine for this kind of fever. Really its true. Please forward this message as much as possible and save lives.


The message claims that eating Jaggery with raw small Onion can cure Dengue fever. It is partly fact.

Dengue fever, also called breakbone fever, is a tropical infectious disease transmitted by Aedes Mosquito which carries the dengue virus. Dengue symptoms generally include fever, headache, joint and muscle pains, and skin rashes similar to measles. In few cases, the disease turns into deadly dengue hemorrhagic fever, followed by bleeding, low blood platelet count and leakage of blood plasma.

As of now, there are no proper vaccines to prevent this infection of dengue virus (DENV), and when infected, it has to be recognized early, followed by prompt supportive treatment to lower the chances of severe disease. The treatment procedure of dengue depends on specific symptoms, and varies from oral re-hydration therapy to administration of intravenous fluids and/or blood transfusion in severe cases.

Alternate home, and herbal remedies have always been in discussion, for curing dengue. Jaggery mixed with Apamarga herb (Achyranthes aspera), grinded into a paste is generally used as pills for treating cough, fevers, insect bites and bee stings. Onion is also commonly sliced and placed on a bee sting or mosquito bite to get instant pain relief and to avoid inflammation. The combination of Jaggery and Onion did not prove to be much useful directly in dengue fever management, but it does help in the formation of blood cells on the whole, not just the platelets, every blood cell variety. That is why eating onions along with jaggery and water is advised in anaemic conditions. Onion juice mixed with Jaggery or Honey is also useful in treating allergies.

The conclusion is that eating Jaggey with raw Onion helps in formation of blood cells, but is not much effective in direct treatment of dengue fever. Its use can be encouraged, as it can be useful to some extent. Instead, Papaya leaf juice is proved to be effective in curing Dengue, and can be used as a remedy. You can read complete details here.

Hoax or Fact:

Partly fact.


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Dengue fever
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