Fake, Synthetic Cabbage Being Made in China, Video: Fact Check

Picture about Fake, Synthetic Cabbage Being Made in China: Video
Fake, Synthetic Cabbage Being Made in China: Video


OMG Fake Cabbage in China Market.
Now Mankind will make fake vegetable

Other Versions

1. Artificial synthetic “cabbages” are being made in China in just 40 seconds flat.

2. Duplicate synthetic cabbages are made in just seconds. See the Height of food adulteration!

3. Fake Food: Japanese Man Makes Cabbage in a Lab

Fact Check:

An ‘alarming’ video in heavy circulation online warns consumers that Fake, Synthetic Cabbage is being Made in China (and also Japan) in a matter of some seconds and that the synthetic cabbages are coming to a grocery store near you soon. Thankfully, the making of artificial cabbage seen in the video is not meant for human consumption.

Origin of Story

In mid Feb. 2016 Facebook page The People’s Voice posted the video with a title and description saying, “Fake cabbage made in 40 seconds. Gross! Artificial synthetic “cabbages” are being made in China in just 40 seconds flat. Coming to a grocery store near you soon“. As listed in Related Stories section below, there has been some fake food making in China market, so some viewers thought the fake synthetic cabbage could be fact, and it got them worried. The video has in fact been popular for some time on YouTube, Facebook and other social media sites, including some media outlets that mentioned it as a Conspiracy theory. The video is often shared to show the making of Fake Cabbage in Markets of China, Japan and other places.

Not Fake Cabbage for Consumption

The video displays Korean characters at the bottom and carries a logo for the SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) on top right, suggesting it is not a malpractice going on secretly somewhere. The video in fact shows hot wax kind of liquid material (white and green combination colors) poured in the water to make the artificial head of cabbage that looks very realistic. But fortunately, the synthetic cabbage thus made is not meant for human consumption, it is used as props for display purposes at local restaurants and commercial food displays. Such fake food display is quite common around the world, because it does not spoil much over time. If you are still not convinced, the second video shows the making of Japanese food samples, including Cabbage.

Cabbage is relatively a cheap food to produce, so putting the efforts of faking it by using synthetic wax and other chemicals does not seem productive for business. So consumers need not worry, the fake cabbage is not coming to a grocery store near you or your home, it is only meant for food display purposes, not consumption. Therefore, the stories saying fake cabbage is being made in China and Japan and marketed for human consumption are hoaxes.

Hoax or Fact:



There’s A Crazy Conspiracy Theory That China Is Selling The World Fake Cabbage

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Prashanth Damarla