Finally, Italy Found the Cure for Coronavirus – Bacteria: Fact Check


Has Italy Revealed Coronavirus a Bacteria, Found Cure?

The message claims Italian doctors disobeyed the world health law WHO, not to do autopsies on the dead of the Coronavirus. Likewise, it says they found Coronavirus is NOT a Virus but Bacteria causing blood clots and death of the patient. It also mentions Italian pathologists saying “The ventilators and the intensive care unit were never needed”. Further, the message blames 5G electromagnetic radiation for amplification of the Coronavirus ‘bacterium’ around the world. So, let us examine the claims and their authenticity in detail.

Clotting (Thrombosis) in COVID-19 Patients

Italy is not the first country to discover about the blood clotting issue in COVID-19 patients. The issue about clotting, i.e. Thrombosis in COVID-19 patients is not something new. Viruses like HIV, Dengue and Ebola all make blood cells prone to clumping. It is not unusual for such infections to raise the risk of clotting. Autopsies showed some people’s lungs filled with hundreds of micro-clots. In fact, some of the abnormal and sudden deaths may be explained by severe changes in patients’ blood. So, many came to believe blood clotting problems as an issue in China, Italy and United States as well.

Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases worked at the forefront of the U.S. pandemic response. He said apart from lungs, clots may form in other parts of the body, potentially damaging vital organs including the heart, kidneys, liver, bowel and other tissues. However, the leading cause of COVID-19 deaths as of this writing has been respiratory failure.

Autopsies in Italy

A preprint of a study published in late April 2020 tried to determine the histological patterns in lung tissue of patients with severe COVID-19. Researchers systematically analyzed lungs tissues of 38 COVID-19 dead bodies in two hospitals of Northern Italy. As mentioned above, the study also suggested – the presence of platelet-fibrin thrombi in small arterial vessels. The study mentioned the important observation fits into the clinical context of Coagulopathy dominating in the patients, adding it is one of the main targets of therapy. However, unlike the claims, the study did not mention there’s a Bacterium behind Coronavirus infections nor about Italy finding a Cure for it. There are no credible reports on it.

Secondary bacterial infections can in fact coexist with Coronavirus. Bacterial and fungal infections are again common complications of viral pneumonia, especially in critically ill COVID-19 patients. A study published in late April explains the concern of Bacterial and Fungal infections in COVID-19 patients. So, like WHO also explains, antibiotics do not work against viruses and the new Coronavirus, COVID-19. However, a patient may receive antibiotics because bacterial co-infection is possible.

Use of Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients

The message in question claims Italian pathologists criticizing the use of ventilators and the intensive care unit as unnecessary. In the first place, a ventilator is a machine which takes over the body’s breathing process when the disease has caused the lungs to fail. This gives the patient time to fight off the infection and recover thereafter. In the beginning, medical professionals were battling to treat the critical, novel strain of Coronavirus. They put up many patients on Ventilators in ICU because the disease caused catastrophic organ failure. However, analysis later recommended less reliance on ventilators to treat Coronavirus patients.

Does 5G Cause or Spread COVID-19?

The message alleges COVID-19 is a bacterium amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation. There are also claims 5G causes or spreads the deadly Coronavirus. Again, in April 2020 itself scientists said there is no connection between 5G and the deadly pandemic sweeping the globe.

Conspiracy Theory?

The lengthy text message appeared on a not very credible Nigerian WordPress blog RealPickBlog on 21st May 2020 and became viral thereafter. Apart from false claims saying Italy found cure for Coronavirus ‘Bacteria,’ the content looks more of a conspiracy theory. It ends up blaming WHO for so many deaths and collapse of economies. In the end, it also adds WHO intentionally did not allow autopsy of dead bodies and asked to cremate them immediately, labeling them as highly polluting.

In contrast to the claims, a 24th March 2020 interim guidance from WHO explains Infection Prevention and Control for the safe management of a dead body in the context of COVID-19. It mentions safety guidelines for performing Autopsy on a body with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 disease.

The message ends up saying the whole Coronavirus Pandemic is because WHO wants to vaccinate everyone and assassinate the masses to reduce the World population. As of this writing, there is no evidence to support the theory.

Hoax or Fact:

Partially Fact.

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