Fresh Banana Leaf Heals Bedsores: Fact Check

Image about Fresh Banana Leaf for Healing Bedsores
Fresh Banana Leaf for Healing Bedsores


Fresh Banana Leaf ? Heals those battling with Bedsores.

Anyway, since most of us still have elderly loved ones to look after, I would like to share with you the healing properties of banana leaf.
My diabetic dad suffered from one persistent bed sore a few months ago on his sitting bone.
Just when we thought we have lost the battle, our maid suggested for us to try her kampung method of covering the bedsore with a fresh banana leaf.
Like a miracle, the bedsore started healing within 48 hours and was gone after a week. So, if you know of anyone battling with bedsores, maybe recommend them the use of fresh banana leaf.????

For those who want to try, just wash and dry a fresh banana leaf and place it over a freshly cleaned bedsore”.

Please Share this Helpful Information to All your Family & Friends….??????

Other Versions

Banana leaves help in healing and curing bedsores in just few days.

Fact Check:

Some messages doing rounds on social media platforms claim Placing a Fresh Banana Leaf Heals and Cures Bedsores in few days. They mention a case where bedsores in a patient with Diabetes started healing within 48 hours. So, let us study and find out how much banana leaves can help in healing or curing bedsores.

About Bedsores

Bedsores, also called Pressure Ulcers and Decubitus Ulcers, develop often on skin covering bony areas of the body, like heels, ankles, hips and tailbone. They are in fact injuries to skin and underlying tissue resulting from prolonged pressure on the skin. So, they take some time to heal in general and it also depends on the severity of the pressure ulcer.

Wound Healing Properties of Banana Leaves

There are not many studies on using natural Banana leaves for treating Bedsores. However, some people in tropical countries call Banana leaves as an excellent, inexpensive and easily available dressing material. Some people use fresh leaves of banana as bed spreads for bed ridden patients to avoid bedsores. Because of moisture content, banana leaves in fact have cooling effect. There are also suggestions to spread Honey over a large banana leaf and use it for healing bedsores.

A study published in February 2013 tested wound healing properties of Banana leaves in postsurgical patients in Uganda, Africa. After Steam sterilization, Banana leaves displayed wound-dressing properties similar to Petroleum Jelly gauze dressings. The study found banana leaves as an excellent alternative wound dressing at low cost.

In 2016, researchers from Harvard Medical School studied Management of Burn Injuries in the Wilderness. They concluded improvised dressings like Aloe Vera, Honey and Banana leaf are at least as effective as SSD (Silver sulfadiazine). They also described them as reasonable options when advanced dressings are not available.

Banana Leaf Heals Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers?

A study published in 1986 in Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine examined the use of banana leaf in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores. They applied Banana leaves in patients with pressure sores ranging from Grade 1-2. The study on a group of patients confined at a Medical Intermediate Care Unit showed some positive results. It concluded application of banana leaves helps in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores, especially Grade I (hyperemia). Banana leaves did not show significant effect in Grade 2 bedsores. In Grade I bedsore (hyperemia), a cure rate of 57.69 was noted but with Grade 2 bedsores, complete healing was observed only for 29.17.

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