Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking, Video: Fact Check

Image about Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking, Video
Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking, Video

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Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking: Disturbing Video

Other Versions

1. Woman twerking snaps her neck

2. RIP: Girl Literally Breaks Her Neck While Twerking!!!

Fact Check:

A ‘disturbing’ video is shared widely on social media sites with a claim that it shows a Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking. It shows the girl falling onto ground and laying like that after doing a headstand during Twerk dance. Most viewers believed in the first sight of the short clip and went on to believe the girl did indeed broke her neck while twerking. Some even thought the girl collapsed and died as a result of neck injury. But what you see in the video is only a part of her dance moves. The claim that the girl breaks neck while twerking is not true.

Image about Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking, Video

About the Video, Girl Breaks Neck While Twerking

The short video clip has been viral on social media with the disturbing claim that the girl broke her neck while twerking. However, rest of her complete twerking video shows the girl actually stands up again and finishes without any sort of injury. The headstand and fall were just a part of her twerking moves. In the full video below, you can see the girl completing her twerk moves without any kind of neck injury.

The Jamaican woman twerking crazy in the video calls herself DHQ (Dancehall Queen) Headtop and is given the name Aneika. Contrast to the claim, she in fact won the City Girls’ Twerk Challenge gaining the prize money of $25,000. The social media twerk challenge was planned for a spot in City Girls’ upcoming ‘Twerk’ music video.

Image of The Twerk Dancer DHQ Headtop
The Twerk Dancer DHQ Headtop

The video with the hoax story saying girl breaks neck while twerking went viral probably because of risks associated with such headstand acts.

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Safety Matters

Although the discussed video does not actually show any twerking related accident, such injuries did take place in past. Quite a number of people doing the headstand act while twerking have ended up injuring their neck and spinal cord. Some faced more serious fate like paralysis and even death in few cases. So, dancers are advised to be very careful while doing such headstands during dancing and twerking. A professional dancer herself, DHQ Headtop admits to Jamaica Star that twerking is harder than it looks.

Hoax or Fact:


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