Mother Killed Children Mixing Cough Syrup With Milk: Fact Check

Image about Mother Killed Children Mixing Cough Syrup With Milk
Mother Killed Children Mixing Cough Syrup With Milk


Warning: Do not mix cough syrup with milk, it converts to Poison! A mother killed her child without knowing.

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A mother killed her 4 children, accidentally.

The children refused to drink cough syrup. So she mixed the syrup in milk. The children Went to sleep after drinking the milk and never got up.

After examining the clinical trials, all 4 of them were found dead in the bed, The mixture of cough syrup and milk proved to be poisonous.

The mother said that she killed the children with her own hand. she is Psychologically disturbed.
Avoid drinking medicine in the milk.

* Not only cough syrup *,
* Do not drink any chemical additives in milk *
* It will become poisonous *
* So do not do that *

Please take care.
Prevention is better than cure

Fact Check:

Various messages in circulation Warn Parents that a Mother Killed her Four Children accidentally by Mixing Cough Syrup with Milk, which allegedly turned into Poison. They say the children refused to drink the cough medicine, so she mixed the syrup in milk and fed them before sleeping forever. So, let us examine if the alleged tragic incident after feeding cough syrup with milk is true or not.

Taking Cough Syrup With Milk Poisonous?

Pediatricians and other doctors suggest taking cough syrup with milk may increase the coughing related discomfort and prevent the absorption of medicine into the body. So, they do not recommend taking cough medicine with milk. Syrup for cough is in fact made in thick consistency so that it can coat the patient’s throat and sooth the cough. Milk may indeed interfere with some kind of medicines like Laxatives and Antibiotics. The Calcium in milk can bind some drugs like antibiotics and prevent absorption of the medicine into the body. However, mixing cough syrup with milk does not make it poison to kill a person or children. There are no credible reports of any such danger.

Image of Taking Medicines with Milk
Taking Medicines with Milk

A study on Drug Interaction With Milk concluded that milk affects the absorption and excretion of drugs – classified as moderate in severity. It suggests it is better to take medicines and milk at different times. On the other hand, few medicines are advised to be taken with milk. Therefore, the best way to take or feed a medicine is to follow the instructions written on the package and ask the pharmacist in case of any doubt or necessity.

Has a Mother Killed Children After Feeding Cough Syrup With Milk?

There are no credible reports about the alleged incident where a mother accidentally killed her four children after feeding them cough syrup with milk at night. As explained above, there’s no verifiable data to suggest mixing a cough syrup with milk can make it poisonous. Also, mixing cough syrup and milk may not taste good. All this concludes to saying the ‘incident’ and warning messages doing rounds on social media are just hoaxes.

Some children may not like the taste and strength of a cough syrup and resist taking the same. You can instead use a dropper and administer the syrup slowly. In case of need, some nurses advise mixing small amounts of water in cough syrup.

Hoax or Fact:


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