Kinder Joy Contains Wax Coating that Can Cause Cancer: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting Kinder Joy Contains Wax Coating that Can Cause Cancer
Kinder Joy Contains Wax Coating that Can Cause Cancer


Kinder Joy contains wax coating which is also used in Styrofoam containers and can cause Cancer. That is why Kinder Joy don’t stick to each other when eating it. Our body needs up to two days to clean the wax. Make sure you stop eating Kinder Joy. This wax can cause Cancer. Share if you care.

Fact Check:

The message shared on Facebook and other social networking platforms warns consumers that Kinder Joy contains a wax coating also used in Styrofoam containers and can cause Cancer. No, it is not a fact; there is no evidence of it!

Does Kinder Joy Contain Wax Coating Causing Cancer?

Kinder Joy is a chocolate confectionary meant for children, in fact “Kinder” in German means for “children”. Manufactured by Italian company Ferrero, originally Kinder Surprise, it used to be a chocolate egg containing a small toy inside a plastic shell, as shown in Image Gallery. In warm temperatures, especially during summers, the Kinder Surprise eggs would melt, so came up the plastic egg containers holding chocolate on one side and a toy on the other. These are sold under the name of Kinder Merendero in Italy, and Kinder Joy in Austria, France, Germany, India and many other countries. In the video (down below) is given a clear explanation of the difference between Kinder Joy and Kinder Surprise.

In case of Kinder Joy, the container made of plastic is thin and flexible — to hold the chocolate melt in summers. There is no evidence that it contains wax, and even if it did contain wax, it would pass through our digestive system just like any other food. The mentioned issue of Styrofoam containers with wax coating is valid mostly while using hot liquids, and in case of low quality manufacturing. You can read about it in detail here.

To conclude, there is no evidence to say that Kinder Joy containers are coated with wax that can cause cancer. Some people say the Kinder eggs taste like wax, so we think this could be the origin of the claim. But yes, there are the environmental concerns with these Styrofoam and plastic cups, because when they are used and disposed, they may not decompose, and may release dangerous gases like methane if decomposed anaerobically.

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