Tablet/Mobile Phone Addiction Affected CNS of a Child: Fact Check

Image about Tablet/Mobile Phone Addiction Affected CNS of a Child
Tablet/Mobile Phone Addiction Affected CNS of a Child


Tablet/Mobile Phone Addiction Affected CNS of this Child. Parents, Beware!

Other Versions

1. This child is not drunk, but his CNS (Central Nervous System) got affected due to the addiction of mobile phone or tab.

Parents to realize the mistake they are doing, and to avoid cajoling the children with this silent killers.

2. Children’s affected by playing tab and mobile

3. Mobile addiction kills your child life | Viral video

Fact Check:

A video doing rounds on WhatsApp and social media sites warns parents how Tablet/Mobile Phone Addiction Affected CNS of a Child. It shows a toddler in home carrying tablet phone in hands, walking around unstable and falling down like a drunken person. Accompanying message claims the addiction of mobile phone or tablet affected the Central Nervous System of the child. Thereby, it also suggested parents to avoid cajoling their children with the silent killers. Let us examine the authenticity of the claims attributed to the video.

Origin of Video

On 17th Jan. 2019, Indonesian YouTube user Mul zz shared the video with a title that roughly translates to ‘Radiation effects of HP/Tablet on small children’ (HP is Hand phone). It carried a description which seems to suggest taking care of children from cell phone/tablet radiation as it is hazardous for toddlers.

Next day on 18th, another YouTube user Mitra K-Link shared the video as Danger of mobile/tablet radiation in children. Notably, in description, the user suggested K-Ion Nano Anti Radiation Glasses. Again on 19th, similar thing happened in a Facebook post.

On 19th January, the video also appeared in YouTube channel of Advocate Saravvanan Rajendran – with the message in question. The user in this case used some legal and lawyer tags. Somewhere in between the video claiming to show Phone Addiction Affected CNS of the child also appeared in WhatsApp forwards.

Has Phone Addiction Affected CNS of the Boy?

Firstly, we did not find any credible citations about the claims associated with the video. Some viewers suggested the boy in the video may be extremely tired, or his tumbling around is the result of digital dizziness. Screen addiction in children can indeed cause Computer vision syndrome (CVS), also called digital eye strain. It has a combination of symptoms, including fluctuating vision, tired eyes, dry eyes, headache and fatigue.

On the other hand, the person talking/recording the video does not seem to show any kind of concern if the kid falls down in that condition. It raises question whether the boy has some other condition not related to heavy usage of mobile phone/tablet. Such abnormal walking can also happen in cases of some nervous system disorders, like Cerebral palsy.

A related story that surfaced in past carried wrong claims that a girl got high vibration because of the usage of iPad and android phones at young age.

Video Showing Girl Who Got High Vibration Because of the Usage of iPad and Android Phones: Facts

To Conclude

The early appearances of the video on YouTube described it as an effect of heavy use of mobiles/tablets in small children, cautioning parents. On the other hand, such unstable walking in children can also happen in case of some nervous system disorders, like cerebral palsy. Due to lack of credible reports as of this writing, it is unclear what’s the definite reason of the condition. However, usage of mobile phones or tablets by small children and toddlers has increased tremendously in recent years. They are often used to divert or pacify the kids.

Remember, children are sensitive, vulnerable to mobile radiation, and more susceptible to any possible damage thereof. Apart from screen radiation effects, scientists also speculate such habits may affect children’s social and emotional development. They suggest direct human to human interaction is much better in terms of learning.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla