Mom Spots Red Lines Inside Banana Given to Her Child, Rushed to Hospital: Facts

Picture: Mom Spots Red Lines Inside Banana Given to Her Child, Rushed to Hospital
Mom Spots Red Lines Inside Banana Given to Her Child, Rushed to Hospital


After Child Takes Bite Out of Banana, Mom Spots Red Lines – Rushes Child to Emergency Just in Time and found it is dangerous Fungus.

Other Versions

1. Warning: Red fungus found in supermarket banana, sends eight-year-old to hospital.

2. Child takes a bite of banana and notices red lines, mom rushes daughter to the ER just in time

Fact Check:

According to a warning message doing rounds online since many days, after an eight-year-old girl took a bite out of Banana her mother bought from a supermarket, she felt sick suddenly. Then the mother spotted red lines inside Banana and rushed her girl to the emergency in Hospital just in time. The girl allegedly fell sick after eating the discolored Banana that had Red Fungus inside. The claim as such is a fact, but it conveys the misinformation that the black mold inside Banana (fungus) is harmful to humans.

About the Incident(s)

In July 2015, Lissa Melin, a mother from the United Kingdom gave a Banana to her 8-year-old daughter Dionne that she bought from the Louth branch of Morrisons Supermarket. After eating the banana, the little girl felt ill all of a sudden. When Lissa looked, she found the bananas had a dark reddish-brown streak down the middle-core. Shocked at the sight of it, Lissa rushed her girl to the emergency in hospital. Notably, some such incidents of finding discolored bananas and the concerns of danger were reported earlier by others on social media sites and elsewhere.

Searching on the internet, the worried mother Lissa learned the dark streak inside the bananas was a fungus called Nigrospora and panicked it could be harmful to her little daughter who just ingested it. Consequently, she shared the incident on social media, creating worry among consumers. It is also because there were reports earlier that warned of Bananas injected with HIV-Infected Blood worldwide.

Not Toxic to Humans

In the current case with Bananas, Nigrospora is actually a type of black mold (fungal disease) not clinically proven toxic to humans or other living organisms. Doctors at the hospital also explained same and calmed the mother Lissa, adding the ‘sickness’ of little girl Dionne was caused by a psychosomatic reaction as she went silent when she realized the banana she ate had black mold inside. The girl returned from the hospital and recovered completely. To clarify the incident, the representatives of the Morrisons Supermarket also released the below statement:

‘we are sorry for Mrs. Melin’s daughter’s distress. This product did not meet our strict quality standards. However, we would like to assure her that it is a naturally occurring mold which is not harmful to humans.’

Although not a threat to human health when consumed, the discolored bananas look unappealing to eat. So, you may throw out such bananas or use as compost in case of doubt.

Hoax or Fact:

Fact with Some Misinformation.

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