MR-VAC Smallpox Injection Slow Poison for Children, Banned: Fact Check

Picture Suggesting MR-VAC Smallpox Injection is Slow Poison for Children, Banned in Many Countries
MR-VAC Smallpox Injection is Slow Poison for Children, Banned in Many Countries


Very very Important msg: MR-VAC is Slow Poison!

Newly invented injection for Smallpox treatment MR – VAC. But actually it is not true. This medicine has been band in many countries. Now this MNC are sending this injection through this Modi government to all schools to inject all children compulsory. Please educate your children, not to take this injections at any cost. It is slow poison which will affect the future of the child as well as future generations also.

Other Versions

India in kerala me Ye injection schools me only for muslims girls ko diya jaraha hai
is k sid afects ye hai k girls ko kabhi bhi aulad nahi hogi so meri aap se guzarish hai k is photos ko ziyada se ziyada share kare

Fact Check:

Messages doing rounds on social media sites warn people in India about a  newly invented Smallpox injection MR-VAC calling it as Slow Poison. They claim the injection will affect the future of the Child and his future generations as well. It also says the MR-VAC injection is banned in many countries, and the manufacturing Multinational Company is just selling it through Modi Government, making it compulsory to inject all school children. As detailed below, the warnings are not facts.

The viral message also accompanied audios and videos claiming the combined Measles-Rubella (MR) vaccination had side-effects affecting immunity and memory of children.

Communal Angle Also

There are also some stories circulating on social media warning parents that the vaccine injections are given to Muslim school girls in Kerala, India and can make them infertile in future.

Refuted by Health Department Officials

The Indian state governments of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu planned to administer the MR-VAC vaccine to all children between the ages of nine months and 15 years so as to prevent Measles and Rubella. A large three-week long vaccination drive was also planned from February 6 to February 28 of 2017 for the benefit of school going and non-school going children.

The warnings of slow poison and side-effects associated to the MR-VAC injection went viral on social media. However, Health Department officials refuted them as fake, hoax alerts saying the vaccine was safe and did’t carry any side-effects. Notably, the officials also pointed the vaccine MR-VAC is manufactured by an Indian Company Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd., not by any foreign MNC. Dr C Vijayabaskar, the Health Minister of Tamil Nadu explained the fears are unfounded saying the MR-VAC vaccine has been around for the past 20 years, and the state is administering the vaccine for free for the first time in India, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Government.

Health department officials said a group of people spread the false information to undermine the three-week long vaccination drive. They also expressed concerns the false messages can create confusion and fear among the parents and school teachers.

Hoax or Fact:



MR-vaccine is safe; ignore claims of side-effects: Health Dept.
Concerns over MR vaccine among parents, Health Minister says fears unfounded

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