Nestle Accepts Adding Beef in KitKat Chocolate: Fact Check



Shocking Truth….Nestle Company accepts that they add juice extracted from Beef in KitKat Chocolate !!

Media will never inform you…

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9 साल पहले जब भाई राजीव दीक्षित जी ने कहा कि ये विदेशी कंपनी nestle maggi मे सूअर के मास का रस मिलाती है ! तो लोगो ने उन पर बहुत बकवास की ! ये आदमी दिमाग खराब है ये कोई देहाती है ! और पता नहीं क्या क्या बोला ! आज वही nestle कंपनी खुद मानती है कि वे अपनी चाकलेट kitkat मे बछड़े के मांस का रस मिलाती है ! तो क्या दूसरी चीजों मे नहीं मिलती होगी ????????

मानसिक गुलामी की जंजीरों मे जकड़े लोग ऐसे बातों पर तब तक विश्वास नहीं करेंगे जब तक अमीर खान 4 करोड़ रुपए लेकर सत्य मेव जयते मे नहीं बोलेगा !!

Fact Check:

Some messages in circulation on WhatsApp and other online platforms warn consumers saying Nestle accepts adding juice extracted from Beef in KitKat Chocolate. They claim media will never inform you that KitKat is not a vegetarian product, suggesting the manufacturing company Nestle is deceiving vegetarians. No, the claims are not true and explained here.

Does Nestle Add Beef in KitKat Chocolate?

The aforementioned claims about Nestle and KitKat chocolate are in circulation online since at least 2015. Firstly, this reminds us of a similar, popular story claiming another product of Nestle, Maggi Noodles contain Pork.

Coming to the claim in question, there are no credible reports confirming Nestle uses juice extracted from Beef in KitKat, or Nestle accepting the same. Back in 2013, Nestle withdrew two chilled pasta products – Buitoni Beef Ravioli and Beef Tortellini – in Italy and Spain. It was during a scandal involving mixing of Horsemeat, when Nestle identified the problem with a supplier from Germany.

Nestle’s Response

In mid 2015, when a Twitter user from India cited the story in question and asked Nestle about it, Nestle India responded. They said all variants of KitKat in India are 100% vegetarian, adding all the ingredients are listed on the pack for easy reference.

In their FAQ section also, KitKat website mentions all variants of KitKat manufactured in India are 100% vegetarian, adding all vegetarian products from Nestle carry the green dot symbol on package. In 2018, when a blogger wrote an email to Nestle regarding the matter, official from the company replied KitKat manufactured in India does not contain animal fat or any non-vegetarian ingredient.

Nestle’s KitKat in London (UK) is Made Using Calf Rennet?

This is another popular claim warning consumers that the Cheese used in making KitKat comes from Calf Rennet. Again, there are no credible reports confirming it. In May 2007, MasterFoods Company producing chocolates like Mars, Snickers and Maltesers announced it was changing the ‘whey’ used in some chocolate and ice cream from a vegetarian source to one with traces of rennet, an animal enzyme. At the time, The Guardian website published an article asking Veggies to beware! It mentioned “Nestle’s KitKat, the UK’s bestselling chocolate bar, is also unsuitable for vegetarians.” The article however did not provide any other information. Soon after the decision of MasterFoods, there was wide criticism from vegetarians. The company took U-turn and said it will begin changing its recipe back immediately. Nestle UK publishes a list of KitKat variants suitable for Vegetarians on their website

For your information, Whey is the liquid byproduct of the manufacture of Cheese. In general, Cheese is made with milk and enzymes. Traditionally, the enzymes were made from Animal Rennet (calf and others), which is not vegetarian. On the other hand, cheese can also be made with vegetable rennet, like from plants, fungi or microbial sources. So, KitKat consumers can check the ingredient list and the vegetarian green dot on pack before confirming it is vegetarian.

Hoax or Fact:


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