Nestle-Gerber Baby Food Return Warning – Facts Analysis

Picture about Nestle-Gerber Baby Food Return Warning
Nestle-Gerber Baby Food Return Warning


Urgent!!! For all parents, Nestle is asking for everyone to return all Gerber Banana Baby Food expiring 2012 because they may contain glass. Please copy and paste for all babies safety. Batch code 7613033089 732, even if you`re not a parent please copy – you could save a baby`s life.


Nestle France recalled to return baby food in June 2011 with a fear of glass contamination.


This warning claims that Nestle is asking everyone to return Gerber Banana Baby food expiring in 2012 because it may contain glass. The message also mentions a batch code, but this particular warning is inaccurate, NOT a fact.

The origin of these messages dates back to June 2011 when Nestle France did recall baby food with a fear of glass contamination. They issued this recall as a precautionary measure after a mother discovered a piece of glass in P’tit Pot brand container of baby food. The company clearly mentioned that the problem is confined to France, and the recall warning in centered on banana flavored P’tit Pot sold in lots of two 80 gm jars. The bar codes of the recalled products are indeed 7613033089 732, with a batch number L 10980295, and expiring up to October 2012. The company also insisted that they did not find any other cases of glass contamination.

So clearly, Gerber banana foods have nothing to do with this baby food glass contamination return warning, because Gerber is a US based subsidiary of Nestle, while the warning is only limited to France. But yes, people using Nestle baby food in France should certainly check if they are using any recalled products.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of hoax and facts.


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