Rat Infested Dried Chillies Video Warning: Fact Check

Picture about Rat Infested Dried Chillies Video Warning
Rat Infested Dried Chillies Video Warning


A Rat infested dried chillies video is being widely shared on social media.

It warns the consumers to Beware of red chilli  sold in the market.

Other Versions

1. Warning for red chilli users. Do you use red chilli in your kitchen daily ? Make sure to wash and soak them in hot water before use. The red chilli might contain rat’s urine which results in various health issues when ingested. The video below shows hundreds of rats in piles of red chilli.

2. Hundreds of rats are found in red chilli bags in the market.

Fact Check:

An alarming video shared online shows red chillies infested with rats. It claims, the dried red chillies available at the market are contaminated by rat’s urine. Hence, the warning issued to consumers tells them to wash and soak red chilli in boiling water before use. The video shows dozens of rats during packing of the red chilli into bags. Though the aforementioned video is real, it does not imply all red chillies available in market are treated in similar fashion.

Origin of the Rat Infested Dried Chillies Video

The video in question circulated widely online to warn consumers. Rats contaminate the red chilli with their urine causing severe health issues when ingested. Many versions of the story claim the incident took place in an Indian storage unit. However, the origin of the video is unknown. The video appeared on YouTube in late November 2017. It did not mention anything about the source of information. Few viewers even suggest it originally appeared on the Chinese social media.

Similar Incidents of Rats Found in Chilli

In October 2016 couple of rats were found nesting in a tank of dried red chillies in a Supermarket of Malaysia. Back in October 2013, live rat pups were found in dry chilli packet bought from a Supermarket in Kerala, India.

Expert Opinion & Safety Precautions

News Nation, an Indian News Channel claims the red chilli infestation of rats is an act of carelessness. They have also mentioned that all the red chilli in the market might not have been made the same way. Dr. KK Agrawal, President of Indian Medical Association, mentions dangers of Leptospirosis (carried by rats and cattle). He in fact advises consumers to ensure their food comes from hygienic places. It is also better to wash red chilli with water before use.

Hoax or Fact:

Mixture of Hoax and Facts.

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