Sprinkling Sugar on a Wound Helps it Heal Faster – Facts

Picture Suggesting Sprinkling Sugar on a Wound Helps it Heal Faster
Sprinkling Sugar on a Wound Helps it Heal Faster


Sprinkling sugar on a wound helps it heal faster.


This is a popular story suggesting that sprinkling Sugar on a wound will help it heal faster. Yes, it is a fact.


In recent years, there have been few studies and research to see the impact of sugar when used as a dressing on infected wounds and even bedsores. A senior nurse in Zimbabwe, Moses Murandu conducted clinical trials in 21 patients, the conclusions of which were extremely positive. They observed immediate & dramatic abolition of wound odour, and marked reduction in analgesic requirements, especially in case of venous ulcer patients who previously refused bed rest in elevation saying it was intolerably painful.

Old-fashioned Approach

Decades ago, this old-fashioned approach to wound care was documented by surgeon Richard A. Knutson, MD, who published his experience in the Southern Medical Journal in November 1981. The surgeon said that he used this sugar technique for healing wounds with more than 5,000 patients, and was convinced that it was useful to speed up the healing process. Sugar is believed to help in recovery of your wounded skin, promoting healing by killing harmful bacteria. Now all this makes sense, as to why most Indians used to follow this old family remedy. This also reminds me of one my personal (silly) childhood experiences, when I cut my inner part of foot while playing football with a metal piece. My mother cleaned the wound with water and sprinkled sugar over it for 2-3 days, and gradually the cut wound did heal itself!

Honey Too

More interestingly, studies have also shown that Honey is somewhat more effective than Sugar when it comes to reducing bacterial contamination and promoting wound healing. So whenever you have small wounds, ulcerations and sores, do try this easy home remedy with a spoonful of Sugar. Mentioned in reference section below are detailed instructions as to how to heal a wound with sugar and make this remedy work more effectively.

Hoax or Fact:



A spoonful of sugar helps wounds heal faster
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