Store Potatoes with an Apple to Keep them from Sprouting – Facts Analysis

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Picture: Store Potatoes with an Apple to Keep them from Sprouting
Store Potatoes with an Apple to Keep them from Sprouting


Store Potatoes with an Apple to Keep them from Sprouting.

Other Versions 

1. An apple a day might keep those potato sprouts away and also help them last longer.

2. A few apples stored with potatoes prevent sprouting.

3. The best way to store potatoes is with apples.


The messages claim that storing potatoes with an apple will keep away sprouting and also helps them last longer. It is a fact.

Potatoes generally do not seem destructible when compared to other vegetables, but when they are stressed by improper storage, the natural toxins in them develop at a faster rate, causing the greenish tinge around them called Solanine. This solanine cannot be destroyed by cooking, and therefore such greenish colored parts of the potato must be cut off before using. When exposed to sunlight over a period of time, the potato skin becomes gray, mottled, wrinkled and also leads to sprouting, especially when stored with onions. These sprouts also contain high levels of solanine and must be removed before cooking.

The best way to avoid all these harmful changes is to store the potatoes with a ripe Apple. This will not only avoid sprouting of potatoes, but will also keep them good looking for up to eight-weeks, allowing them to be crispy, firm and moist when cut. This happens because a ripe apple emits ethylene gas and other organic alcohols as it respires, which suppress the distension of the potatoes’ cells, thereby keeping them from sprouting.

Therefore, when you need to store potatoes for a long period, it is a good idea to add a ripe apple and keep them in a cool, dry and dark place.

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