Surya Namaskar – King of Exercises – Facts Analysis

Picture: Surya Namaskar - King of Exercises
Surya Namaskar - King of Exercises


Long long ago, may be six thousand years ago, students of your age (8 to 20-25 years) took education at the residence of their teacher. In the Guru-Kul there were students from humble families as well as from honorable and royal families. The syllabus consisted of all arts and all types of vocational courses. Scriptures were the recommended books and the World Citizen was the final aim of education. In those days —- just try to reach the past time of six thousand years before. Try to locate the dear and near persons of your family in the past. You can remember your grandfather or grand grandfather. You cant trace the time and persons back for more than 100 or 150 years. But your father knows the name of your ancestor who lived thousands of years before. The GOTRA of your family and the PRAWARA OF THE GOTRA both indicate the names of the ancestors and the teachers, the Guru of the family.

So, in those days, in the GuruKul, the day started long before sunrise. And the first session was that of Suryopasana / Surya Namaskar (Worshipping the Sun God), Sandhya Vidhi and the Gayatri Japa for health and well being. Today we are going to learn something about Surya Namaskar, the king of exercises. We are going to learn what, why and how of the Surya Namaskar, step by step.
Lets pray to the Sun God.
It is early in the morning.
The sun is rising on the horizon.
You have taken bath and you feel fresh and strong.

Take the morning air deep into your lungs.
Refer to Step Ahead to Excellence Warming up exercise.
Stand straight. Be at ease.
Fold your hands in Namaskar Mudra.
There is no muscle tension anywhere on your body.
There is no tension on your head and hair.
No tension on your face forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, ears.
There is no tension on your neck.
Remove the tension, if there is any, on your neck, shoulders, elbows,
wrists, palms, fingers.
Keep the muscles – of the stomach, abdomen, back – loose.
Relax the muscles of the thighs, knees, ankles, feet, toes etc.
Be at a relaxed position.


The information provided in the message above stands valid. Ancient India had only Gurukuls as learning centers for kids, where they were taught all the basic knowledge of nature, health and well-being. Yoga is a powerful means to trigger and maintain our complete body actions in a sound and flexible way.
Surya Namaskar consists of 12 different postures that generate the required heat and energy for the body, to keep it strong and fit. Morning sunshine is tender and very good for health, and as such Surya Namaskar provides the necessary vitamins for the body like Vitamin D, and also burns extra calories. The lack of sunlight, because of our busy schedules and enclosed working environments is proved to be a significant cause for most health ailments.

Surya Namaskar is indeed the king of exercises, the best and the easiest forms that one must follow for good health. Visit reference section to learn the complete details of Surya Namaskar.

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