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Tattoo Caused Infections


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This is an infection caused by Tattoo

We must have a few things in mind while trying to draw a tattoo on our body
# Visit your doctor to discuss a possibility of getting a tattoo and ask about the chances of your skins enduring the pain of the needles without any side effect.
# Please select a professional tattoo company and make sure that all utilities are properly cleaned before your own eyes.
# After the tattoo has been completed, take medications and also apply skin care to help your skin heal properly.
I know a lot of religion kicks against tattoo however I will not talk about that. My advice is if you are getting one please do it right to avoid a very terrible side effect.


The messages show a picture with blisters over a tattoo on a human hand, claiming that it is an infection caused because of the tattoo and warns people to be careful while applying tattoos over their body. The message is partly fact.

This picture showing blisters over a tattoo on a person’s hand has been circulating with various speculations and stories of tattoo risks attached to it. However, the oldest and the original source available online appears to be an image shared on BuzzFeed, on November 11, 2010 with a title: ” Tattoo Laser Removal – NSFTS (Not Safe For The Squeemish) “. It means Tattoo removal by Laser treatment method is not for easily sickening people, that is to say that the picture actually shows the after effect of Blister formation over skin because of the Laser treatment method used for removing the tattoo. As mentioned by Buzzle, such kind of side effect does happen sometimes in case of Laser tattoo removal:


Sometimes, a blister is noticed after the tattoo is removed. A blister or a crust is formed post tattoo removal on the area that is treated through radiation. Using Q-switched lasers could very rarely, lead to the development of a large bulla (a large blister). But if you follow precautionary measures, it might help in minimizing the chances of developing a bulla and other negative side effects.

The article also suggests the treatment for Blisters in such cases:


It is strongly recommended NOT to manipulate with this skin change. If the blister is removed early, it may increase the chances of developing a scar. A patient with a medical history of hypertrophic scarring, needs to be warned of his increased chances of scarring. Steps like elevating, resting and applying intermittent icing post removal, will minimize the chances of a bulla. Here’s one thing to remember – make sure that your surgeon contemplates the use of a cooling device, during the entire procedure.

However, this old image resurfaced again in 2013 in various image sharing sites like Pinterest and Imgur, and social networking sites like Facebook, with titles like ” Home tattoo + Ebay ink + Reaction to mercury = Trainwreck “. These messages suggested that it is a reaction caused when tattoo removal ink bought from Ebay was used over the home made tattoo or done by an unlicensed professional, and warn people only to chose reputable tattoo artists/professionals. Well, this does not seem to be the actual case. Yes, it is a fact that home made tattoos/tattoos from unlicensed professionals can be risky and unhealthy for your skin, but there are also certain risks involved in laser removal techniques of tattoos done from licensed professionals. These include Pigmentation, Changes in Skin Texture, Blisters, Allergic Reactions, Tattoo Darkening, Presence of Toxins and Tissue Damage.

As mentioned in the second version of the story above, there are also risks associated with tattoos, so it is important for interested people to first understand these risks and take necessary precautions as stated by Mayo Clinic in the reference section below.

Hoax or Fact:

Partly fact.


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