Video of Tissue Paper Sold as Cheap Tablets in Market: Fact Check

Image about Video of Tissue Paper Sold as Cheap Tablets in Market
Video of Tissue Paper Sold as Cheap Tablets in Market


Tissue paper sold as cheap tablets in market. Take Care..they are harmful!

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Fake medicines made of tissue papers

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తినడానికి ముందు టాబ్లెట్ విచ్ఛిన్నం చేయండి లేకపోతే మీరు మీ జీవితాన్ని కోల్పోతారు. ఈ వీడియో 2.17 నిమిషాల్లో ప్రపంచం మొత్తాన్ని కదిలించింది. చూసిన తర్వాత ఫార్వార్డ్ చేయడం మర్చిపోవద్దు.

Fact Check:

A video in circulation on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media platforms appears to show and warn people about tissue paper sold as cheap/fake tablets in market. Accompanying messages claim the video has shocked the world and if you do not check your tablets before consuming, it can threaten your life. No, the claims as such are not true and are explained here.

About the Video Alleging to Show Tissue Paper Sold as Tablets

The video in question shows couple of people speaking in regional language and allegedly revealing the ‘medicine scam’. They take a tablet from the strip and open it up to find tissue paper. They also appear to show absence of the ‘medicine’ composition and other details on the back of the strip. So, they suggest tissue paper is sold as cheap and fake tablets in market.

Screenshot of Video of Tissue Paper Sold as Cheap Tablets in Market
Screenshot of Video of Tissue Paper Sold as Cheap Tablets in Market

The video and the accompanying warning messages are not new; they are in fact doing rounds online since at least 2017. The claim in fact became viral in mid 2017 when an Odisha news channel reported about it. We have also come across couple of other similar videos online claiming to reveal the scam.

Not Medicine for Human Consumption

Yes, what you see in the video is not any tablet medicine for human consumption. They are in fact compressed Tissue wipes designed in the form of tablets – for the sake of easy carrying. Pouring some water over the compressed tissue swells it up and you can open it for use easily. Zota Healthcare manufactured the Magic Tissue Paper strip you see in the video. The company makes them as a product of gift and also distributed them to doctors as part of their promotional plan. On the box, the company prints a warning message saying they are not tablets for consumption. The video below explains the same.

Compressed tissue tablets are not unknown and available for sale online. They are also given in some restaurants, parties and weddings to customers and guests. Furthermore, the tissues in the form of tablets have other names like Compressed Coin Napkin and Pill towel.

Image of Compressed tissue tablets for use as wipes
Compressed tissue tablets for use as wipes

Looks like, the video is made out of misunderstanding as the people involved are unaware of ’tissue tablets’.

Hoax or Fact:


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