Washing Machine Gave a Toddler Chronic Skin Disease: Fact Check

Image about Washing Machine Gave a Toddler Chronic Skin Disease
Washing Machine Gave a Toddler Chronic Skin Disease


This is a story of how washing machine gave a toddler chronic skin disease.

Alice Dunne picked up her 2-year-old son, Jason from preschool and found him crying due to a rash. She brought him home immediately and gave him a bath. Thinking it must be a diaper rash, Alice applied the usual ointment. But that night, Jason cried and refused to go to bed. He kept scratching to ease the itch causing it to bleed. To stop him from causing more harm, she put on gloves for him to sleep.
As a mother, I felt absolutely helpless. It was heart-breaking to see.” – Alice

The rashes appeared mild at first with little red patches. But soon, it became bumps which hurt to the touch. The bumps spread all over Jason’s back overnight. Worried that it’s gotten too serious, Alice brought him to a paediatrician…
But the paediatrician said it was just a simple case of food allergy. So the doctor prescribed several creams. However, by the next day, the bumps multiplied. Blisters started forming too causing him painful skin irritations. Clearly, the creams weren’t working. So Alice rushed him to a dermatologist. This time, dermatologist suspected that it might be a severe case of eczema. But it’s unlikely anything he’s ever seen.. So he had no cure for him except for the typical Corticosteroid cream. He urged for Jason to be hospitalized soonest for monitoring.

This could be life-threatening if prolonged.” – Dr. Carlton

Alice was devastated hearing this. Out of desperation …She turned to a bizarre home remedy like soaking her son in a milk bath. And even visited a traditional Chinese medical practitioner. Jason was given an herbal bath which supposedly helps with inflammation. But they all DIDN’T work! To make matters worse, the infection spread to his limbs. His skin was now even more red and inflamed.

Alice was on the verge of admitting Jason in the hospital when she called her mother. That’s when she broke down and told her mum about Jason’s condition. Alice’s mother, Mary was unsurprised by what she heard.
You used to suffer from the same skin condition as a child.” – Mary
I bet it’s the washing machine.” Alice was in total disbelief! “How can my washing machine be the cause of all this?” – Alice
So, Mary visited the next day and brought along her “miracle tablet”

Your washing machine is dirtier than the toilet!” – Mary
Image about Washing Machine Gave a Toddler Chronic Skin Disease

This is because the water that settles at the bottom of the washing machine is a breeding ground for bacteria. She even showed Alice an article by Dr Charles Gerba which says..63% of washing machines tested positive for E.coli bacteria, mostly found in human waste! 89.74% of Americans have never had their washing machines cleaned at all..which is why the washing machine is the dirtiest place in the house. She told Alice to give it a go. After all, this was her last resort before admitting her son in the hospital.

The washing machine has never been cleaned since she bought it 2 years ago. Alice went to her washing machine and popped a tablet in. She ran a wash cycle and hoped that her mother was right. The water that was flushed out from the washing machine was murky and smelt horrid. Alice almost puked! She now believed her mother was right all along. Convinced that the washing machine was the root cause of all this she rewashed all of Jason’s “clean” clothes and got him to wear only the newly washed ones. Then Alice prayed for the best. Within 2 days, Jason’s skin miraculously improved!

The rashes stopped developing and so did the itch. By the day 5, the redness reduced and his skin was no longer inflamed. His skin was no longer dry and flaky. The blisters started to go away too. Within a week, his skin was back to normal – baby soft! Alice was amazed by the recovery. Even the dermatologist was shocked! Jason was able to go back to preschool the very next day.

Importance of Cleaning washing machine..

Alice never would’ve thought the washing machine is the cause of her son’s severe skin. Ever since the incident, she vowed to clean her washing machine once a month. Because of that, Jason’s symptoms never returned again. She hopes that through her story, she can help other parents to prevent this from happening to their own kids.

If only I found out that my washing machine was causing my son’s skin infection earlier. It could have spared him 2 weeks of agony.” – Alice
Now I just want all parents to know the importance of washing machine cleanliness. I hope all parents take hygiene seriously, especially for the sake of their kids.”
It could happen to anyone…Don’t let that be your kids. Start cleaning your washing machine with BacBuster Washer Cleaner today. After all, when was the last time you cleaned your washing machine?

Fact Check:

Some messages and videos in circulation online claim to explain a case where Washing Machine Gave a Toddler Chronic Skin Disease. They claim germs and bacteria from a dirty washing machine caught up in a toddler’s clothes and caused severe case of Eczema. Before finding the root cause of the problem, allegedly, 2-year-old Jason spent two weeks in agony, with painful skin irritations. His mother Alice Dunne, the message claims, found the root cause – her dirty washing machine – from her mother. So, the message warns people about the danger and importance of cleaning washing machines. It is important to keep your washing machines clean, but there are no credible reports of any such incident described in the video.

No Reports of the Case: Washing Machine Gave Chronic Skin Disease

After coming across the video on WhatsApp, we checked into the authenticity of the claims. We checked if any such incident really happened with a mother named Alice Dunne and her son Jason. We did not find any such real case of a dirty washing machine giving chronic skin disease to a toddler. However, we found very similar story appearing on a product promotional website pearsandpeaches.com. The article titled ‘Toddler Gets Severe Skin Infection From Washing Machine – The Root Cause Left Doctors Baffled‘ carries a disturbing picture of a child with severe skin infection. The picture is as old as 2011 mentioned as a case of Eczema – without any mention of washing machine causing infection.

The article on the Pears & Peaches website and the story in video both end suggesting people to clean their washing machine with BacBuster Washer Cleaner product. So, looks like, the unreal story is to explain people about necessity of keeping their washing machines clean and promote the cleaner product. Nonetheless, washing machines do get dirty and cleaning them once in a while is certainly important for hygiene. This is especially true in case of children’s clothes and adults’ inner-wear.

What Experts Say about Cleaning Washing Machines

The aforementioned story rightly mentions a research of Dr. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona. Back in 1999, Charles Gerba did an extensive research on the germs that fester in washing machines. Dr. Gerba’s team randomly visited 60 four-person homes in Tucson and washed a sterile washcloth in their machines. They found one-fifth of the machines contained E. coli bacteria and a quarter contaminated with fecal matter. Gerba explained washing a load of just underwear can transmit a number of different germs and bacteria to the next load of laundry. So, it is a better practice to wash inner-wear of adults and children at last, in a separate load. More importantly, Dr. Gerba explained the importance of using bleach and running an empty wash to clean the washing machine.

Experts in recent times also suggest the importance of cleaning washing machines for hygiene. In case of washing baby clothes, they suggest using hot water. This is because some babies have the habit of sucking too much on their clothes and this can cause some trouble in case of infected/untidy clothes. To the question whether bacteria on your clothing makes you sick, Canadian microbiologist Jason Tetro says yes, but it’s unlikely. Tetro, however, suggests cleaning washing machine once in a while by running a cycle with a mixture of hot water and bleach.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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