WHO, Indian Govt. Warn Against Use of China Holi Products: Fact Check

Image about WHO, Indian Govt. Warn Against Use of China Holi Products
WHO, Indian Govt. Warn Against Use of China Holi Products


WHO and Indian Government Warn Against Use of Holi Products from China

Holi colors, masks and other products in India come from China region Hunei where Coronavirus broke out. World Health Organization and Government of India warn people not to use them.

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World health organization

भारत सरकार

महत्वपूर्ण सूचना

भारत के त्यौहारों में बड़ा त्यौहार होली जो की कुछ दिनों में आने वाली हैं हमारे देश भारत में जितना भी रंग गुलाल एवं मास्क वीक और भी बहुत सारी सामान चीन से आती हैं | आप जिसे सस्ता और आकर्शित सोच कर खरीदते है उसमे पॉलीमर की कोसी का उपयोग होता है | आपको जानकारी दे की इसमें कोसी चीन क शहर Hunei से बनाकर आती है जहा कोरोना वायरस का कहर शुरू हुआ | आप सभी से अपील है की चीन से आने वाली सामान का प्रयोग न करे |

Fact Check:

A picture message doing rounds on WhatsApp claims World Health Organization and Government of India Warned People Not to Use Holi Products from China. The ‘notice’ in Hindi reads the Polymer used in colors, gulal, masks and other Holi products come from Hunei City of China, where the deadly Coronavirus broke out. No, the warning is not real and the claims as such are not true.

WHO, Indian Govt. Did Not Warn of China Holi Products

The message in question suggests Central Government of India and World Health Organization have issued the warning not to buy Chinese products during Holi. They allege about the danger of usage of raw materials in China, where the Coronavirus spread to other countries.

In the first place, WHO or Government of India did not issue any such warning. There are no credible reports warning about the danger of Coronavirus spreading through usage of Chinese Holi products in India. The so called official notice contains grammatical mistakes, including the name of World Health Organization – indicating it is fake. On the other hand, experts say no virus can survive so long inside a packet of Holi toys during the entire shipping process. Dr. Saurabh Atulya told Times of IndiaThe rumors that Chinese goods are affected (with Coronavirus) are baseless‘. Moreover, the climate of China and India is very different, and it is not possible for the virus to survive without a host.

Every year, Indian traders import fancy products like pichkari, water guns, magic balloons, masks and color capsules from China for the Holi season. However, due to Coronavirus outbreak, the reopening of the Chinese toy factories that normally happens after two weeks of New Year celebrations were extended in many parts. So, reports suggest there may be a shortage of China-made fancy water guns and sprinklers in 2020.

Hoax or Fact:


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