Wuhan Residents Locked in Homes, Begging for Life – Video: Fact Check

Image about Wuhan Residents Locked in Homes, Begging for Life - Video
Wuhan Residents Locked in Homes, Begging for Life - Video


Video of Wuhan residents locked in homes begging for life amidst Coronavirus outbreak

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Fact Check:

An ‘unfortunate’ video is viral online alleging to show Wuhan residents locked in apartment homes begging for life amidst the deadly Coronavirus outbreak in China. Likewise, the short video appears to show the people inside apartments shouting out some slogans. The video is indeed real and from Wuhan City of China, but the claims as such are not true and explained here.

Coronavirus Outbreak and Isolation in China

Since the outbreak of deadly Coronavirus, millions of people are confined to their homes in Wuhan and several other Chinese cities as authorities enforce a lockdown to contain the spread of virus. While hospitals are overflowing with desperate people, supermarket shelves are emptying as supplies run thin in the city. All this indeed created some sort of panic in China for sure and some people even protested the isolation policy. On the other hand, the Chinese authorities are trying hard to tackle the global emergency with the help of World Health Organization and others.

Not Video of Wuhan Residents Begging for Life

The video in question in fact shows Wuhan’s high-rise apartment blocks and the residents inside homes shouting out slogans. However, they are not begging for life locked inside homes. They are rather mourning the death of Dr. Li Wenliang, the 34-year-old Chinese ophthalmologist at the Wuhan Central Hospital who warned about the outbreak of Coronavirus. The residents are also shouting slogans to boost their morale amidst the deadly virus outbreak. They turned off lights for a while, turned on mobile phone flash lights shooting at sky and whistled collectively.

On 7th February 2020, a Chinese news media reported about the Wuhan City’s collective effort to mourn and bid farewell to the Whistleblower Li Wenliang. You can in fact watch the same short video clip reported in the news below at timeframe 23 seconds.

Cheer Up Videos

There’s another similar video in circulation showing Chinese residents in their apartments shouting out “Go, Wuhan!,” whistling and singing patriotic songs to cheer each other up. It is from late January 2020. The residents call for their City to ‘Jiayou,’ which means to ‘add oil’ and often used to show encouragement.

There are many videos showing the sad plight of Coronavirus victims and the deadly outcome of it killing many hundreds of people and infecting several thousands. On the other hand, there are also videos of citizens entertaining themselves by square dancing in their living rooms, re-enacting Chinese operas, or pretending to fish in fish tanks. All of it is to sustain the isolation period and get over the deadly virus outbreak.

Hoax or Fact:


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