400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock: Fact Check

Image about 400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock
400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock


400 Million Year Old Hammer Discovered Inside Rock Near Texas The London
According to geologists, the slow process of personification dates back hundreds of millions of years. This has led several ufologists and ancient astronaut theorists to a quick deduction of the context of the incredible discovery leading them to assume not only that there was a human civilization before the historical process of personification in Texas, but that this ancient civilization already possessed the necessary technology for the fabrication of a hammer with modern features

Image about 400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock

Other Versions

Ancient Texas hammer found embedded in rock – 500 million years old! In the 1930s in the city of London, near Red Creek, Texas, the ancient iron hammer was discovered embedded in a rock.

Fact Check:

Various stories, pictures and videos in circulation online claim to show a startling discovery questioning the conventional history of human civilization. They show an Iron Hammer Inside Rock Discovered near London, Texas back in 1930’s – allegedly dating more than 400 million years old. These stories and claims about the ‘London Artifact’ or ‘London Hammer’ are in fact popular, but not true.

About Discovery of London Hammer Inside Rock

In the year 1934 (some reports say 1936), Max Hahn and his wife were hiking along the Red Creek near the small town of London, Texas. They came across a strange rock inside which the hammer was found. In later years, carbon dating of the rock (and hammer) allegedly revealed it was more than 400 million years old. Reports said a section of the wooden handle of the hammer started to metamorphosize into coal, suggesting its ancient old age. Allegedly, the hammer made of 96% Iron did not rust in millions of years and questioned the conventional history suggesting human existence started roughly 200,000 years ago.

Image about 400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock

The hammer became popular as ‘London Artifact’ and ‘London Hammer,’ often quoted as a mysterious artifact. Trying to explain the ‘ancient formation’, some mentioned theories saying the Iron Hammer came from a meteorite striking Earth in ancient times.

Not 400 Million Years Old Hammer

Firstly, like you can see in images, part of the Iron hammer showed some signs of rusting. The London Hammer in fact appeared as a small rock nodule (limestone) with a piece of wood protruding from it. Part of the hammer was inside the small rock. The rock nodule was not attached to the surrounding rocks of the creek in London, Texas. More importantly, the claims of million years dating did not appear as assertions in any peer reviewed journals. They originated from tests conducted privately.

Image about 400 Million Year Old London Hammer Discovered Inside Rock

The Hammer inside rock grabbed wide public attention after Creationist Carl E. Baugh acquired it around 1983. He was the one who called it London Artifact and promoted it as a ‘pre-Noachian’ artefact. Consequently, the hammer became an Exhibit in Baugh’s Creation Evidence Museum selling replicas of it to visitors. The carbon dating tests took place privately, not published in any peer reviewed journals. Notably, in late 1990’s Baugh supporter David Lines reported that carbon 14 dating done on a specimen from the inside of the hammer handle “showed inconclusive dates ranging from the present to 700 years ago“. The Creationist Carl E. Baugh claimed to have discovered human footprints alongside Dinosaur footprints near the Paluxy River in Texas. However, scientific community considers his claims pseudoscience.

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