World’s First Homosexual Couple Dead in Sodom, Gomorrah: Fact Check

Image about First Homosexual Couple in Sodom & Gomorrah Found Dead
First Homosexual Couple in Sodom & Gomorrah Found Dead


World’s First Homosexual Couple in Sodom and Gomorrah – Found Dead and Dried.

Other Versions

1. World’s Oldest Homosexual/Gay Couple Found in Ancient Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, by Dead Sea

2. Oldest Gay couple’s grave of Sodom and Gomorrah

Fact Check:

A story popular online alleges to show World’s First/Oldest Homosexual/Gay Found Dead and Dried in Ancient Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah. Accompanying photograph appears to show the two skeletal remains of the gay couple buried close-together. So, let us examine the veracity of the claims.

World’s First Homosexual Couple Buried Dead?

In the first place, there are no credible news outlets confirming such find about the photograph of the two skeletons lying together inside earth. The claim in question appears in an article on NotAllowedTo website published on 27th May 2015 with the title “World’s Oldest Gay Couple Found in Ancient Ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah“. We checked, NotAllowedTo website is publishing various humor and satire stories. More importantly, the article is in fact a slightly refurbished version of an article published the previous day on World News Daily News Report website (deleted later).

The origin article on World News Daily News Report website carried the same title mentioning ‘Homosexual’ instead of ‘Gay’. It mentioned about unearthing of two 5,000-year old male skeletons near the city of Tell el Hammeh, in the Southern Jordan River valley. The article also said they could possibly be the world’s oldest known homosexuals in human history. Further, it says the team of researchers of the University of Tel Aviv believes the ruins are the remnants of the Biblical Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. The article also points those are the two cities allegedly destroyed by God’s Divine wrath because of the ‘wickedness and obscure practices’ of its population.

Despite all those claims, World News Daily News Report is a well-known website publishing fake, satirical content for the sake of entertainment.

About the Image of Two Skeletons

The image of two skeletal remains in fact shows Sofia Voutsaki’s excavation of ‘Mycenaean Sparta’ in summer of 2013. Hoax fighter and fact finder HoaxEye mentioned about the original image. Sofia Voutsaki is Professor of Greek Archaeology who directed excavations at the Mycenaean site of Agios Vasileios near Sparta. The two skeletons show a Mycenaean burial from a necropolis at Agios Vasileos village in Greece. The photograph rather shows skeletal remains from around 1500 BC – of a Man and a Woman embracing each other. However, Sofia Voutsaki mentions it’s strange the woman is in front and the man behind with knees against each other.

So, the messages claiming to show the photograph shows world’s first homosexual couple found dead in Sodom & Gomorrah are just hoaxes. Note, the image used in the fake news article is a rotated version of the original one to give it a different, gay angle.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla