Triple Decker City Bus in Berlin, Germany – Photograph: Fact Check

About Triple Decker City Bus in Berlin, Germany - Photograph
Triple Decker City Bus in Berlin, Germany - Photograph


A Triple Decker City Bus in Berlin, Germany, 1926

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People using triple-decker buses in Berlin, Germany, 1926

Fact Check:

Some picture messages popular online purport to show photograph of a Triple Decker City Bus in Berlin, Germany back in 1926. The old, black & white photograph appears to show the bus standing on a road beside a group of people. Although the photograph appears genuine and the triple decker bus is widely believed to be real, it is not so.

About the ‘Triple Decker Bus in Berlin’

Most viewers online thought the photograph shows a classic triple decker bus carrying a board of Stettiner Bhf station in Berlin, Germany. However, it is a classic hoax from way back in 1926. On 1st April 1926, German magazine Echo Continental announced the development of a new triple-decker bus for the city of Berlin. They also showed the – tricky, mocked up photograph – as a ‘proof’ of the development.

German corporate newspaper/magazine Echo Continental was the trade publication of the Auto and Truck parts manufacturer Continental AG. They informed about popular sports and racing events in classic coverage, also using comic/cartoon figures and humorous stories. Echo Continental employed top illustrators of the day – reason why the photograph appears so real.

About Triple Decker Buses

Triple decker buses were never seriously considered because of issues like their high centre of gravity making them unstable and their risk of hitting trees and bridges. Nonetheless, some triple decker buses were developed in European countries like Italy. However, in almost all models the third level was a small compartment in the rear part of the bus.

On Screen

A triple decker bus was developed for 2004 movie Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Special effects department made the Knight Bus by cutting up two Routemaster buses and putting them back together with three decks.

Fake Pictures and Videos

On the other hand, there are many fake, Photoshopped images and also videos alleging to show triple decker buses. For instance, the video below – claiming to show a Triple Decker Bus in India – was in fact an added visual effect. The third layer of deck is a replication of the second one.

Coming back to the triple decker bus in Berlin – the edited photograph does not show a real one. The classic old April fools prank photograph still appears online after so many decades.

Hoax or Fact:


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