Abdul Kalam’s Brother’s Umbrella Repair Shop, Picture: Fact Check

Picture about Abdul Kalam's Brother's Umbrella Repair Shop
Abdul Kalam's Brother's Umbrella Repair Shop, Picture


This is Former Indian President Abdul Kalam’s Brother’s Umbrella Repair Shop he Runs..

Other Versions

1. Late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s 99-year-old brother runs an umbrella repair shop

2. Elder brother of former President APJ Abdul Kalam at his Umbrella repair shop.

Fact Check:

The picture is shared heavily on social media platforms claiming to show APJ Abdul Kalam’s Brother’s Umbrella Repair Shop. Allegedly, it shows the elder brother of the former Indian President sitting in an umbrella repair shop and running the same. No, the claims about the popular picture are rather not true.

Not Abdul Kalam’s Elder Brother

The picture in question shows an old man sitting in an umbrella repair shop with a photo frame of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam placed over the wall. The old man somewhat looks like Kalam’s elder brother APJ Mohammed Muthu Meera Maraikayar (born 4 November 1916). The picture started doing rounds on social media after Dr. Kalam passed away on 27th July 2015. It is said to show how simple Kalam and his family are. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, noted Aerospace Scientist and former President of India is in fact known for his simplicity and noble thoughts. He was specifically known as the People’s President. However, the picture is not what is told.

Origin of Claim

The claim in question appears to have originated from a Facebook post of The BACK Benchers on 2nd August 2015. They shared the photograph with a description saying, “This is an umbrella repair shop and repairer is elder brother of GREAT APJ Abdul Kalam.” The picture went viral consequently.

Firstly, there is no information suggesting the 102-year-old elder brother of Abdul Kalam worked at an umbrella shop. Also, there are no credible reports authenticating the claim accompanying the picture. As of this writing,
Muthu Meera Maraikayar is the Chairman of APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation. At funeral of Abdul Kalam, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi touched the feet of Kalam’s elder brother before consoling him.

Likewise, you can infer from couple of pictures below, the person in picture is not Kalam’s brother Muthu Meera Maraikayar.

In a video from December 2015, you can see Abdul Kalam’s brother requesting Indian Government to construct a Memorial for Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Interestingly, the picture in question also appeared as part of a conservative meme. So, the claim that the viral picture shows Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s brother’s Umbrella repair shop is just a hoax. The person in it is not APJM Maraikayar, the centurion old elder brother of the ‘Missile Man of India’.

Picture of Meme about Abdul Kalam's Brother's Umbrella Repair Shop
Meme about Abdul Kalam’s Brother’s Umbrella Repair Shop

Hoax or Fact:


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