Amazing Dog Playing Snooker: Facts

Picture about Amazing Dog Playing Snooker
Amazing Dog Playing Snooker


Video shows an amazing Dog playing Snooker like a professional.

Picture about Amazing Dog Playing Snooker
Amazing Dog Playing Snooker


Some videos circulating online since years claim to show an amazing Dog playing Snooker like a professional, not with a cue stick as such, but with her own paw. For the proficiency of game the dog displayed, many thought it couldn’t be real and the video is fake. It isn’t.

Dogs Trained to Play

Dogs can generally be trained to handle playing pool, snooker or billiards to a certain extent, like in the case of a ten year old Dog Blue who can pot the balls as long as he can reach them and also run alongside the table following the balls. Some dog owners vigorously train their dogs to do amazing tricks at play, but the dog in question, Halo can not only play pool; she can play it with unbelievable technical expertise.

Picture about Amazing Dog Playing Snooker
Amazing Dog Playing Snooker

As you can see in the below video uploaded to YouTube by Halo’s owner Josh Kuhn in June 2009, the dog is able to concentrate on the balls on the table and then make her play. Using her paws, Halo can not only play simple straight shots, she also manages to score using rebound shots, making it a better pool player than most of us humans. However, it remains unknown as to how many shots the photographer had to take to pick out the successful shots shown in the video.

How it Started

The owner of the amazing Dog Halo, Josh Kuhn bought a pool table and installed it in the basement of his home in Baxter, Minnesota. Whenever Josh went down to play, his bulldog Halo used to follow right behind him. She would put her paws on the table, bark at the balls, and run around the table. Seeing her curiosity, Josh trained his dog to play pool with her paws.

Another Video

In March 2010, Josh Kuhn uploaded another video of his dog playing pool to YouTube entitled ‘More Of Halo The Pool Dawg‘ (second video in this article). Later, the owner added a message in the first video saying Halo is injured and needed donations for her costly surgery:

Halo has recently tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and is having a hard time playing pool, Its a costly surgery and if anyone can donate anything, you can help at halo420frankie @ VIA Paypal. Thank You so much!

If the injury is true, we wish and hope the dog has recovered well, and although it is trained, Halo is definitely a talented Dog that can play pool amazingly well!

Hoax or Fact:



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