BMTC Bus Conductor Cracked IAS Mains Exam: Fact Check

Image about BMTC Bus Conductor Cracked IAS Mains Exam
BMTC Bus Conductor Cracked IAS Mains Exam


Inspirational: BMTC Bus Conductor NC Madhu Cracked the IAS Mains Exam

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BMTC Bus Conductor Clears UPSC Service Entrance Exam

Fact Check:

An ‘inspiring’ story is popular online claiming a BMTC Bus Conductor Cleared the UPSC Service Entrance Exam and Cracked the IAS Mains. The story about NC Madhu was viral on social media as a true story of determination and commitment. It turned out, the claims are not true.

Origin of Story: Bus Conductor Cracked IAS

On 29th January 2020, Bangalore Mirror published an article saying ‘Meet this bus conductor who studied 5 hours daily to clear the UPSC Civil Services exam‘. Likewise, the article said 29-year-old BMTC Bus Conductor NC Madhu cleared the prelims in June 2019 and now the IAS Mains. It explained he is preparing for the interview on March 25, 2020 and looking forward to it. In other words, the article appreciated the ‘rare feat,’ explaining Madhu worked eight hours as a conductor along with his preparation for the exams.

On the other hand, Madhu did not sign up for coaching classes to prepare for the UPSC, IAS exams. He studied on his own with some guidance from his seniors at the BMTC head office. IAS Officer and Managing Director of BMTC, C Shikha also guided Madhu with the preparations. After the report saying BMTC bus conductor cracked IAS mains exam, many celebrities and personalities on social media applauded NC Madhu. The story went viral. In his interview to Bangalore Mirror, Madhu also told he is very positive about his preparation and confident that he will clear the interview too.

Not a Fact

The BMTC bus conductor, NC Madhu was in fact lying – he did not crack the IAS mains exam. On 30th Jan. 2020, Bangalore Mirror clarified the matter on Twitter and took down the article on it.

Reportedly, the BMTC bus conductor NC Madhu misrepresented his results passing someone else’s (Madhu Kumari) mark sheet as his own. It is unclear why he did it and misled the media. But Ravi Joshi, Editor of Bangalore Mirror also clarified the same on Twitter. Further, he even apologized saying the great story of grit and determination was unfortunately not true.

Hoax or Fact:


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Prashanth Damarla