Crocodile Set Free a Deer After Finding It is Pregnant: Fact Check

Image about Crocodile Set Free a Deer After Finding It's Pregnant
Crocodile Set Free a Deer After Finding It's Pregnant


A crocodile decided to set free a deer after it found that it’s pregnant. Which religion do these animals follow? Which holy book Or prayers do they recite everyday? And which temple/mosque/church or gurudwara they visit daily?
This compels me to appreciate the supernatural power…. GOD.

Animals are more humane than humans!!!

Fact Check:

An intriguing video is doing rounds online alleging to show a Crocodile decided to Set Free a Deer After Finding it is Pregnant. Likewise, accompanying messages suggest animals are more humane than humans. No, the sympathizing claim in the video is not true and explained here.

About the Video

The video in question shows a Crocodile holding onto the hind leg of an Impala for 27 seconds, before leaving it free nobly. As soon as the Crocodile’s mouth opens, the Impala sprints off and escapes from its deadly jaws. The video is doing rounds with the ‘heart touching’ claims on various social media and video sharing platforms. Like the video shows, it also appeared with similar claims on Instagram account top_playfun in November 2019. We could not share the video because the account is private.

In past, a ‘heart-touching’ story showed couple of photographs saying a Mother Deer Sacrifices herself to Cheetahs to Save her Babies. In that case, the Cheetah mother was in fact teaching her youngsters how to kill a prey.

Crocodile Did Not Set Free a Pregnant Deer

The incident in the video took place in 2017 near a river in Etosha National Park of Namibia. After a group of wild dogs chased the Impala (not deer), it escaped near to the waters. Then the Impala almost fell prey to the Crocodile getting its hind leg stuck deep into the deadly jaws, and it could not escape. The Crocodile could not perform its infamous death roll as it was on land and not in the waters. After holding onto it for a while, the crocodile lets the Impala go and returns the other way calmly, without reacting to the actions of his failed victim. The person who shot the footage also said the Crocodile decided to let it go because the crocodile was out of its element and wasn’t able to do a proper death roll to tear the impala into pieces.

Moreover, there are no credible reports suggesting the Crocodile set free the deer after knowing it is pregnant. The video and the false claims in fact appeared on the Instagram account top_playfun sharing various entertaining videos. Consequently, the footage appeared with ‘humanity’ angle suggesting – to be more kind and understanding towards each other, irrespective of religion.

Hoax or Fact:

Hoax with some valid information.

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