Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning – Facts Analysis

Picture about Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning
Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning


Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning!

On Marco Island, Florida a group of dolphins came to the aid of a lost Dog that had fallen into a canal and couldn’t get out. The dolphins made so much noise, it attracted the attention of people living nearby, who then rescued the dog. The Dog was believed to have spent 15 hours in the canal water before he was pulled out by fire personnel and reunited with his owner. One of the people whose attention was captured by the noisy, demonstrative dolphins said, “They were really putting up a ruckus, almost beaching themselves on the sandbar over there. If it wasn’t for the dolphin, I would have never seen the dog.” (Source: ABC7news) He said also if the dolphins hadn’t persisted enough to get their attention, they dog would have died in the canal. The dog had fallen over the edge of a concrete wall down into the water far enough that it had no chance of getting back up by itself. The dog was exhausted from being in the cold water for hours, and most likely suffering from hypothermia.
Dolphins have been known to sometimes help stranded or injured people as well. In 2007, a pod of dolphins formed a ring around a surfer who was injured and bleeding after being bitten by a Great White shark. The surfer survived because they prevented further bites. No one knows exactly why dolphins have intervened in such emergency situations, and helped save the lives of other species. Suffice to say they are capable of empathy and heroic actions.

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The messages claim that Dolphins have saved and rescued a dog from drowning in a Florida canal. Although a related incident did happen, the messages do not show complete facts.

The source of this story appears to be an article titled ‘Dolphins help save tired dog stuck in canal on Marco Island ‘, which was published in Naples news website on February 24, 2011. It was initially reported that “Some persistent dolphins are being credited with saving a dog that ran away on Marco Island“. However, the article was updated the following day to show the actual facts.

About the Dog

The picture of the dog swimming over a dolphin is NOT related to the present incident. The picture is actually taken from another story that talked about how Dolphins teach Dogs to surf and enjoy the waves (more about this later). The actual dog in this incident is a 11-year-old Doberman named Turbo that lives in Marco Island, Florida. You can see a picture of the dog with his master, Cindy Burnett in the picture below.

Picture about Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning
Dolphins Help Save Dog from Drowning

About the Incident

Cindy Burnett, the master of the Turbo dog was out till 2 a.m., the night when this incident took place. When she returned, Cindy did not find her pet for more than 15 hours, and so went looking for him the next morning. Turbo was located in a canal several streets away, when a woman in neighborhood heard a big commotion from the dolphins living in. As the woman went out to see why the dolphins were excited, she saw Turbo inside the canal. She called 911 and climbed down into the canal to help Turbo get out.

Cindy believes that her Doberman dog might have spent the entire night in the canal, after going through her unlocked gate around 8 the previous evening. She said that the dog could find a shallow spot, with the tide out, where he was able to stand in two and half feet of water; so he did not have have to swim for the entire misfortune. The dog only received few cuts and scratches on his feet and legs, but was shivering when rescued. Cindy, along with the woman who rescued the dog and others believe that it was the friendly assistance of the Dolphins in the canal that saved Turbo. The video above is a news report of this incident, showing the dog and his master.

About Dolphins

Although Dolphins may not have exactly helped save the dog in this particular incident, there are few reports that they do show concern towards fellow species in distress, including humans. Dolphins are known for their intelligence, and are also thought to be man’s remote ancestors. The picture shown in the message actually belongs to a real story of friendship between a Dog and Dolphin that is depicted in the video above. The dolphin teaches the dog how to surf and enjoy the waves. Of course, the animals can certainly be trained to be together, but it is still an amazing treat to watch those different species together – with that intimacy.

Hoax or Fact:

Partly Hoax.


Dolphins teach dogs how to surf and enjoy the waves

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